Kerala is a southwestern coastal state in India which is divided into 14 districts and Thiruvananthapuram as its capital. It is a very small state yet it attracts a large number of tourists from different parts of the country and world as well. Kerala is home to the languid backwaters, leafy coastlines, sprawling tea gardens and coconut vendors who you will spot at every corner to vanquish your thirsts. Kerala is one of the paradises filled with greenery and lovely hills. It is one of the best tropical destinations one can look for since it amuses you with its spectacular Kovalam beach and also you can enjoy your hike to Munnar hills. People in Kerala speak Malayalam which is widely spoken and is also the official language of the state. Kerala has a very high percentage of literacy level though you will find a language barrier but people there are fluent in English.

Amazing art forms, handicrafts, music and dance forms are a center of attraction there. Apart from its beauty Kerala is also rich in production of pepper and natural rubber which also contributes to the country’s national income. Secondly, it also contributes to the production of coconut, tea, coffee, cashew and spices and fish industry holds a very important place in the market since it contributes to 3% of the national income.


It is situated on the south western tip of Indian peninsula and stretches for about 360 miles along the Malabar Coast and the Western Ghats running in length too. The state of Karnataka borders it to the north and the state of Tamil Nadu borders it to the east and Arabian Sea to the South and west.

Weather Conditions

Kerala has an equable climate since it’s situated at the coastal region and the temperature varies from season to season and throughout the year the temperature rises from (27-32 C). . Kerala has a favorable climate throughout the year but generally, the monsoon hits the state from the month of June and it continues till the month of September and also monsoon is the best season to visit since you will always remember the rains in Kerala. You can stay without any hustle in Kerala all year round just because of its moderate climate.

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Places to Visit in Kerala:


  1. Trivandrum

 It is the capital of Kerala which has a distinguished British architecture and many art galleries. This city has amazing scenic places to visit and offers a huge variety of sights including incredible museums, beautifully designed palaces, sacred temples, mesmerizing beaches and backwaters.

  • Beaches are the best way to attain peace and revitalize my soul. So on your trip to Kerala the first thing on your visit list must be visiting the very astounding Kovalam Beach which is presides over by a distinctive lighthouse. This beach is one of the best beaches in Asia and attracts a large number of tourists from all around the world. Kovalam Beach is divided into three parts so the first is named Raw Beach which is one of the most famous among the 3 crescent beaches of Kovalam.  A morning walk on the Lighthouse Beach towards north will lead you to a rock formation and along with that you will also witness a beautiful sunrise. You can get an amazing view of Arabian Sea from the rocks here from the Samudra Beach. This beach gained attraction very long ago both of national and international tourists since 1930s. Bon Safari offers scuba diving opportunity in Kovalam. Lighthouse is a must visit which you can access from Lighthouse Beach. There is an entry fee for the lighthouse. If you are a sea food lover then you are going to love this beach because at a distance of 50 meters each and every restaurant serves special varieties of sea food. Visiting Kovalam Beach will be a great start to your Kerala trip.

  • The second is the Padmanabhaswamy Temple which is the mother of all the supernatural sites and an abode of holiness and divinity which is home to a mystery ridden chamber. This temple was built in 6th century A.D. and was later beautified by the kings of Travancore. The temple has a very beautiful architecture made by carving out the stones and carries the same architecture same as the other temples of Tamil Nadu and style of architecture used is based on Dravidian architecture. .  It is being said that the temple was established on the first day of Kali Yuga, over 5000 years ago.The temple has fixed time of opening hours. You will usually find a big rush in this temple because of the large number of devotees visiting here so if you want a quick darshan which is known as special darshan here you will be charged with Rs.250 by which you can worship Lord Vishnu from a very close distance and seek blessings from him through the priests. Another thing about this temple is that unlike other temples it has a very strict dress code. The males can enter the temple only wearing the dhoti and the females in saree or a long skirt. Despite of the strict rules devotees gather in large numbers to attain peace and seek blessings. The mystery of vault B is still hidden and fascinating and has been contributing to a rise in visitor count since its discovery.

  • If you history fascinates you then Trivandrum is the perfect city for you to visit since it is home to a few museums named Kuthiramaliaka Palace Museum and the Napier Museum. The Kuthiramaliaka museum has a renowned architectural feature along with priceless paintings and traditional furniture and many other fascinating culture of the royal family.

The Napier Museum is located in the heart of the city and is a beautiful example of Indo – Saracenic architecture. This museum also has various architectural sculptures and archaeological collections too.

  • Backwaters are another magical experience all through the mangrove trees and in between the lake. Backwaters in Kerala are a network of 1500km of canals (manmade and natural), 38 rivers and 5 big lakes extending from one end of Kerala to the other. In the midst of coconut palm fringed backwaters and number of tourist destinations, towns and village that seem as the starting and concluding point of the Kerala Backwater tours, cruises and even houses Kerala Backwater resorts.  This offers a rejuvenating experience for tourists visiting Kerala. You can explore the backwaters by hiring a boat for few hours or you can book an entire boat house for 1 or 2 day. On your way through the back water you will get to witness a lot of different varieties of migratory and rare birds. This experience takes you into a very another level of beauty of nature surrounded by lush green trees and different varieties of shrubs as well as birds. 

  1. Alappuzha

This city is best known for its houseboat cruises which run along the backwaters, its refreshing Lighthouse beach, the RKK Memorial Museum and the Kidangamparamba Temple. 

  • The Boat House gives you an amazing experience for being on boat for an entire one day which runs through the backwaters and lagoons. Throughout your ride you will enjoy the amazing scenic beauty of nature filled with lush green coconut trees and you will also witness different species of birds. The boat house totally gives you heavenly feels with its beautiful and well maintained rooms along with an attached bathroom. There are 3 members on the boat out of which two are the captains and the third one is the cook. The house boat offers you lunch first of all since the ride starts by 12pm and later tea and snacks are served by 4pm followed by an amazing dinner by 8pm and the breakfast is served by 7am the next day. Food served is amazing along with delicious sea food.

It gives you a total different experience which you will cherish throughout your lifetime.

  • Then there is the lighthouse beach where you can take a swim and chill yourselves. Well, all the history lovers will find the RKK Memorial will find this museum quite fascinating since it contains various archaeological objects and many ancient items. In order to seek mental peace you can visit the Kidangamparamba Temple dedicated to the goddess Bhuvaneshvari. This temple has a soaring, rainbow- coloured Tamil Nadu style gopuram. The visiting hours of this temple is from 7am-12pm and then from 5-8pm. 

  1. Kochi

Kochi is a cosmopolitan city in Kerala which has a bustling commercial port. It is also called as the queen of the Arabian Sea.  Because of its magnificent trade history it has been drawing traders from all around the globe for over 600 years. Kochi is best to visit during its monsoon season when sheets of rain have been persistently tearing down the settlement. 

  • The first thing you should do is hit the beach in Kochi. Fort Kochi beach is a very popular and beautiful beach which is located on the western coast.  The beach has a serene beauty which offers you to explore the natural beauty of nature and the best thing about this beach is that it has a historic fort built according to the European architecture. You can indulge yourselves in various activities on the beach like boat cruise, beach walk, fishing, dolphin sighting and swimming of course. Secondly, Streets of Fort Kochi are the major attraction which very beautifully showcase all about Fort Kochi, Rose Street, Princess Street etc. and these places have some amazing captivating views which also highlight a different culture.

  • The St. Francis Church in Kochi is one of the oldest churches built by European in India which is very beautifully constructed and charms its visitors by its gabled timber framed roof. The very famous trader Vasco da Gama was buried in this church after his death.

  • Then there is this Dutch Palace which is also known as the Mattancherry Palace. This palace was actually gifted by the Portuguese as a present to the king of Kochi. This palace is built with a mixed architecture of south Indian touch along with the Portugal architecture which is again very fascinating for the tourists. The palace has some amazing paintings from 16th-18th century. The palace has double storied building with four separate wings opening into a central courtyard. The palace also has a museum which houses a collection of various antique items like royal regalia including costumes, paintings, turbans and weapons from the days of the Cochin rajas.

  • Well, in Kochi you will mostly find various churches, museums and palaces and various streets as well which are related to the European culture which is the most enticing thing about Kochi and will give you a feel as if you are in an European country. The Kochi market also has various collections of gift items you can take for your friends and family. Food in Kochi is good since it has all the multi cuisine restaurants. One of the most amazing facts about Kochi is that is has the only airport which runs entirely on solar energy.

  1. Kollam

Kollam is also a thriving trading port which attracts a large number of people. Kollam still has a few numbers of Chinese populations and the town’s market is still named after them. The city is situated 72 km away from Thiruvananthapuram and houses oldest parts of Malabar Coast. The best feature of this city is that 1/3 part of the city is surrounded by backwaters of Kerala. Kollam also has various historic temples which are built according to the traditional style.

  • The main attraction of Kollam is its boat race where thousands of men participate. The participants decorate their boats beautifully and paint them. The boat race is very fascinating to watch and you must consider yourselves lucky enough if you witness this. People from so many cities, states and countries as well come to see the boat race. The boat race festival is held during the season of Onam in autumn on Ashtamudi Lake. 

  • The second is major attraction of Kollam is Punalaur, lying along the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the district of Kollam. You will find Punalaur abundant in lovely woods of pineapples, coconuts and palm trees, cinnamons and other spices. Punalaur offers you exciting jungle adventures like safari and various another exciting sports. The forests are perfect if you want to go for hiking, mountain biking and various other sports. Some other very popular places which can be visited include Palruvi and Courtallam waterfalls and the ancient Parrazhi Devi temple.

  • The third one is the Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary which is a paradise for all the wildlife lovers. This sanctuary is a scenic region located in the district of Kollam and is an extension of the Western Ghats.  The sanctuary is abundant in plant species amounting to more than 1000+.  You will also find numerous endangered animals like the lion tailed macaque and birds like Great Eared Nightjar can be spotted here. The sanctuary offers a safari which is another thrilling experience and right after the safari they offer camping overnight. 

  • The British Residency in Kollam is a historical place known as the Government guest house, this two storey building was built by Col. John Munro. The mansion is constructed with a blend of Indian, European and Tuscan architectural style. The structure is famous for its murals and other artistic embellishments. Also, the Edward Rose is another thing there which cannot be missed.

  1. Munnar

It is one of the most popular hill stations located in Idukki district, Kerala and is the largest tea growing region in South India. This place is a perfect holiday destination which attracts a large number of tourists. Surrounded by beautiful gigantic green mountains and tall lush green trees Munnar is considered the best and popular hill stations in the state of Kerala having some amazing site scenes to visit. Apart from this there is also an amazing fact about Munnar that it is home to endemic and highly endangered species like Nilgiri Thar and the Neelakurinji. Munnar is divided into Old Munnar, where the tourist information office is, where the bus station and most guest houses are located and there is this New Munnar which houses various shops selling hand -made chocolates, clothes and other antiques. 


  • The Attukal waterfall is nearby the Munnar town which you can enjoy from the bridge built in front of the waterfall. It is a majestic waterfall which also happens to be picnic spot and is frequented by various tourists. 

  • Photo Point which is very close to Mattupetty Dam in Munnar is a very attractive destination and is also known as shooting point. The name itself makes it clear that the place is famous because it offers various beautiful sites to tourists to capture them. Green tea plantation and silver oaks trees are eye catching and attract a lot of people towards it and also it’s an ideal place to capture the green woods, tinkling streams, green hills and more. Nearby the Photo Point it has various shops which offers tea, coffee, spices, cinnamon, cloves and pepper and home -made chocolates.

  • Another beauty in Munnar is its Rose Garden which is spread over 2 acres of land brimming with a variety of plants and also contains spices, crops like cardamom and vanilla. The garden is very mesmerizing since it has varieties of different types of roses which will blow your mind away and the wonderful aromas will grip your soul in the garden. 

  • If you are an adventure spree person, Munnar offers you various options to go on trek to revel in the true spirit of adventure and to explore the beauty and the glorious views of Kerala. Since Munnar has a misty weather your trek becomes more amazing. There are top 6 trails for trekking in Munnar namely –

  • Chokramudi 
  • Idukki
  • Chummar 
  • Kanan Deva
  • Chithirapuram 
  • Lakshmi Hill Trek

  1. Devikulam 

It is a small hill station which is about 5km from Munnar. Surrounded by huge tall mountains Devikulam is a place of natural beauty with a chilly climate and clouds floating over the mountain peaks. Devikulam has a beautiful lake named Devi Lake where it is believed that Lord Ram’s wife Sita used to take bath in the thermal water spring. Then there is this Pallivasal fall which is surrounded by lush rocking hills and same is the Thoovanam Falls which is clearly visible from the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Besides Devikulam is also filled with tea garden resulting into plenty of tea production and it also has spice plantation of different varieties. 

  1. Palakkad

Again Palakkad is mainly famous for its clear backwaters and its landscape and tranquil scenery cannot be missed. The place has been named after the Pala trees which once dominated the area. This town is also known as Gateway of Kerala and is surrounded by the mountains in the Western Ghats. Palakkad is the area which links Kerala to Tamil Nadu. Malampuzha Dam and Rock Garden are the major attractions of this place which are maintained beautifully and built aesthetically to take your breath away. Then there is the Tipu Sultan Fort which is gigantic and has a magnificent architecture and there are other numbers of attractions too like Silent Valley, Parambikulam, and Neliampathy Hills etc. Visiting these places of absolute beauty will give you countless of happy memeories.

  1. Vagamon

It is 1100 meters above sea and far away from the loud city culture. This place is also filled with lush green trees and the place is quite enough so that you can enjoy the mental peace. Away from the loud city culture Vagamon is situated quite a far away from the city. Vagamon has a man-made forest built during the British era where shootings are done for a movie. The other attractive locations are the Marmala Waterfall which is an epitome of serenity and calmness. The other one is also a very popular site known as Baren hills which is again a mesmerizing site surrounded by mountains on its sides. Also, Vagamon is gaining popularity day by day because of the sport adventures and is now considered India’s topmost adventurous place with activities like trekking, rock climbing and paragliding. You can visit this place throughout the year to enjoy the greenery and the scenic beauty of the place.

  1. Kannur

Kannur is also a coastal city and was once an ancient trading port. It is a city cradled in the lap of nature and surrounded by the natural beauty of nature. Also, known as Cannanore is a beautiful city where you will find number of options to explore yourselves like beaches, monuments, ancient temples and mesmerizing picnic spots. Because of the deep footprints of the Dutch, the Portuguese and the British you will still find the aura of these people around you. You will always find a clear sky with a moderate climate with wind chasing and these are enough to attract you towards the city. The city has two beaches namely the Ezhimala and the other is Payyambalam Beach. Then there is this famous temple known as Parassinikkadavu and you can do other sites seeing in Paithalmala and Palakkayam Thattu.

  1. Thrissur

This city is mainly known as sacred sites and colourful festivals and also known as the cultural capital of Kerala. This city is basically famous for fostering classical Keralan performing arts, religious sites and the renowned Onam festival and Vadakkumnathan Temple. This place is rich in Keralan culture and this city will help you know more about the South Indian culture. Also, the place is filled with number of sacred places which will revitalize you and fill your soul with spirituality. This place is sure to cast a spell on you with its colourful chants ringing with a rich Keralan culture.  In the center is Vadakkumnathan Temple; dedicated to Lord Shiva and adorned with murals and the others are Tomb of Shakthan Thampuran and Archaeologgy Museum. You should try visiting this place during the festivals to witness how beautifully everything is celebrated and how peaceful it is to be among the divine deities. 

  1. Varkala

This town is also a coastal area and is on the Arabian Sea and mainly known for Varkala Beach, backed by palm covered red cliffs. Varkala is so beautifully set that it has become one of the most loved backwaters spot. Varkala beach is considered one of the best Cliff beaches in Kerala which attracts a large number of tourists from all around the country and world. One of the specialties of this beach is that the restaurants keep playing amazing rock music so that you can chill yourselves. The shops near the beach sell elephant stamped trousers, silver jewelry and cotton yoga-mat bags. Varkala is also popular for its natural fisheries and if you are sea food lover then you are going to love the different varieties of sea foods served. If you want to grab some adventure fun then you can enjoy various activities like paragliding and parasailing. There is also a lighthouse in the area which you can visit during the evening. Varkala has other attractions too like Janardhana Swamy Temple, Anjengo Fort, Vishnu Temple and Sivagiri Mutt. 

  1. Kottayam

Kottayam is a perfect location for vacation since it is culturally rich and naturally enchanting. It is an ancient town located on a hilltop bordered with tantalizing Western Ghats on east and green paddy fields and thrilling Vembanad Lake on the west. This town is a proud town since it has achieved 100% literacy in India for the first time. Kottayam is also called the ‘City of Letters’ since it is the land of several publishing houses and print media. The town has mesmerizing landscapes and verdant fields which completely lure you. There are number of places you can visit in Kottayam like the Thriunakkera Mahadev Temple which is an abode of spirituality and divinity, Nadukani and Elaveezhapoonchira where you can enjoy the complete serenity of nature, the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary which you enjoy on a house boat ride on the banks of Lake Vembanad.

  1. Sultan Bathery

It is a town in the mountainous Wayanad region of Kerala and takes its name from the very ancient Bathery Jain Temple and also is a very quaint and peaceful town. The majority of population here exists of the tribal people and they have agriculture as the prime source of their occupation. This town is visited by the tourists throughout the year because of its excellent opportunities for shopping and spectacular historical sites. It is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level and has magnificent hills interspersed with valleys, cliffs and plains. You will find a temperate climate here throughout the year with cold breeze blowing. It is a perfect picnic spot to go with your friends and family and the place is entirely filled with greenery. The valleys and hills give a magnificent view and the beauty is beyond words which will fill your soul with energy. People also love visiting the famous Jain temple and the Ganapati Temple. The jungle trails, sparkling streams and the historic caves have made this town a popular place.

  1. Kalpetta 

Kalpetta is also a town in the mountainous Wayanad region and is a gateway to the trails of lofty Chembra Park and to Neelimala Viewpoint. Same as Sultan Bathery Kalpetta is also a town with a backdrop of majestic hills, lush green surroundings, fresh air and picturesque. It is rich in coffee production and the fragrance of coffee in the lanes of the town will refresh your tired souls. This place has a unique beauty where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and has a moderate climate. To seek spirituality you can visit the Thirunelli Temple and to enjoy the scenic beauty Lakikidi View Point. 

  1. Athirappily

It is located in Mukundapuram Taluk, Thrissur district and 60km away from Kochi. Athirappily is popular for its waterfall and the rainforests and is also rich in biodiversity. The Athirappily falls are the cascade of fizzing waters that makes its way from the Anamudi Mountains. The height of the waterfall is 80ft from the ground level and its width is 330ft and is considered the largest waterfall in Kerala and also referred to as Niagara Falls of India. The waterfall descends through the verdant greenery of Vazhachal Forest. Above the fall there is a pool where you can chill and relax yourselves and swim in the chilly water. The rainforests in Athirappily are filled with charming green Sholayar Peaks peering over the rushing gush of falls. If you are a bird lover you cannot miss this place since it is the only place where four endangered Hornbill species are seen. So, make sure that you pay visit to this absolute beauty.

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Best time to visit- You can visit it anytime you want depending upon your taste but the most favorable time would be October to February as it would be a tolerable weather at that time. If you are planning your trip for Ayurveda treatments or rejuvenation programs then the month of June and august would be the most suitable.

->Emergency Contact Numbers-:

Ambulance-101 / 112

Women Helpline - 181

Police-100 / 112    

Fire-102/ 108 / 112    

Tourist Helpline - 1363

Child Helpline - 1098

Blood Needs - 104

Gas leakage - 1906

How to reach Kerala?

Well, since Kerala is a bit faraway State for the north Indians, the best way to reach it is by taking a flight to Trivandrum or Kochi since it takes 2-3 days if you travel through train. If money is an issue then you must get your flight tickets booked 3 months before in order to get them at a cheaper rate or you can also board a train if time is not an issue but the best option to reach is via flight since it’s only a 2-3 hour journey.

By Air- The connectivity via air is pretty good and you can take a flight from any of the major Airports of your state. Taking a flight to Trivandrum or Kochi would be the most convenient.

By train- The train connectivity is good too but taking a train from faraway states would not be convenient as it will consume a lot of time. If you live anywhere near Kerala then taking a train would be a good option.

By bus-The connectivity via bus is also an available option but with some restraints. You would only get a bus from nearby states and not delhi as the trip will get too long and tiring.

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Places to stay –

In Trivandrum –

  • Hilton Garden Inn - Well, if you are looking for a luxurious place to stay in Trivandrum this resort is perfect for you with. The rooms start at Rs. 6,542- 8,542. This hotel is 2km-4km away from both the railway station and airport. The hotel has a great aura and will give you a heavenly feels. The rooms have king sized beds with attached bathrooms. The hotel also has its own bar and a restaurant serving varieties of amazing food. The rooms are fully air conditioned with free Wi-Fi connectivity. The hotel also has a swimming pool where you can chill and relax your tired soul.
  • The Leela Raviz Kovalam – The rooms are available starting at Rs. 12,800. The hotel has a very hostile environment with great room service. Everything is best whether it is the ambience or the service or the location. The rooms are beautifully decorated with lighted lamps and are fully air conditioned. The hotel has a free Wi-Fi connectivity, also has a swimming pool and offers spa service to relax. It is located on the Beach road and is a 11 min beach from the Beach. The hotel has both bar and restaurant which serve multi-cuisine food.
  • Uday Samudra Leisure Beach- The main specaility of this hotel is that it is located just in-front of the Kovalam Beach. The rooms are available at Rs.5,113. The rooms are well furnished with large beds and great size along with the attached bathroom. The place has a nice service and hostile environment. The pools are well maintained and the restaurants serve amazing food. This hotel is 13 km away from the airport and the railway station. 

In Alappuzha – 

  • Ramada -Here you will find air conditioned rooms with Wi-Fi connectivity. The staff is very friendly and hostile. The hotel has a roof top restaurant and a bar as well. Guests in the hotel can enjoy a buffet breakfast and the restaurant specializes in Chinese cuisine. The place also has a gym where you can maintain your fitness and a swimming pool to relax. The rooms available are at a starting price of Rs. 6000 per day. 
  • Punnamada Resort – It is located 7km away from the Alappuzha beach with rooms available at Rs.7000-8000. They have rooms of bigger size with attached bathrooms. The hotel is at a walking distance from the beach. You can book easily online through various websites
  • Baywatch Beach resort – The resort has simple rooms in a laid back beachfront property with free Wi-Fi connectivity and free continental breakfast. The rooms are available at a price of Rs. 3000-40000.

The resort provides you with home like facilities and a great service. The hotel is at a walking distance from the beach. You can book easily online through various websites

In Kochi – 

  • Phil’s Residency – Well this place will totally make you feel as if you are in your own home. The rooms are provided with all the basic amenities since the residency is a conceptual home from home style which has two rooms with a spacious drawing room and with two balconies as well as a kitchen and 2 attached bathrooms. The manager as well as the staff is very hostile and the residency has a great aura. The rooms are available starting at a price of Rs. 3000-4000. You can book easily online through various websites
  • Taj Malabar Resort and Spa – Taj Malabar is a high end hotel featuring 5 restaurants, an outdoor pool and a spa. The rooms are available at prices starting from Rs. 8500-9500. The rooms are quite spacious enough along with a bathroom attached. The resort is located 7km from the Mahatma Gandhi road. The resort also serves gym for maintaining fitness. The restaurants serve great lobster and crab which are a must try.
  • Trident Hotel Cochin – The rooms are available at Rs. 5000-6000 and have a great ambience with well furnished rooms as well as bathrooms. With a great view this hotel serves amazing continental buffet besides the hotel is also very nearby to the local destinations. The staff service is also quite sastifactory.

In Munnar –

  • Clouds Valley – The hotel Clouds Valley is situated on a hill surrounded by tea plantations and is away distance from the Tea Museum. With a free Wi-Fi connectivity and an amazing restaurant which offers you multi cuisine restaurants offering selective and exclusive dishes this place also gives a great view of Munnar hills from the rooms. The hotel is quite nearby the popular locations which makes it easier for the tourists. The prices of rooms are starting at Rs. 3000-4000.
  • Munnar Inn – A great hotel and a good place to be in when you are in Munnar. The place has proper amenities and has a very hostile service. The hotel is located very close to public transit which acts as a plus for the tourists. The best thing about this hotel is that it provides better rooms at a cheaper price.  It also offers laundry services and a better care service.
  • Hotel C7 - This hotel will make you experience a paradise life far away from usualThe rooms have an amazing riverside and tea hill view. The rooms have a balcony where you can have more secluded time by yourself and enjoy the amazing scenery. You can book easily online through various websites. The place has a double sized bedroom with an attached bathroom. The rooms are available at Rs. 3000-4000.

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