SOSMeetup Tirthan Valley – Skilled Travellers Meet up

Tirthan Valley Himachal PradeshLast month, I applied for the SOSMeetup by stay on skill in the Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh and a few days back, I got a mail from the stay on skill that they selected me as a skilled traveler for their next SOSMeetup in Tirthan Valley. I was too happy and excited about it at that time. It was 2nd time; I get this great opportunity of attending this meetup.

On 6th July 2018, the stay on skill organizes the skilled travelers meet up in an offbeat location of Himachal Pradesh named – Tirthan Valley. They invited ten skilled travelers from all over India for this meetup. There are many places to visit in Tirthan Valley. We spent our four days doing lots of fun and gaining some good experiences in this valley. So in this article, I am sharing my experience of this SOSMeetup and spending four days in Tirthan Valley.

Let’s meet Other Skilled Travellers-

SOSMeetup Tirthan Valley - Skilled Travellers Meet up

The SOSMeetup is like fam trip for bloggers and skilled persons. On this trip, our stay, food, sightseeing, activities were sponsored by Stay on skill and their partners – Sunshine Himalayan Cottage, Tristan River Camps, Tirthan River View Homestay and Sunshine adventure Company. It was an excellent opportunity for me to meet other many skilled travelers who were also joining this meetup. Let’s know about them-

Great Himalayan National Park

  • Heena Raheja – Travel Vlogger, TEDx Speaker
  • Niharika Arora- Travel Vlogger and Photographer
  • Abhishek Garg – Filmmaker
  • Sarthak Ahuja – a 17 years old Filmmaker
  • Rutuja – Travel Blogger and Vlogger
  • Sumit- Architect
  • Rohan- Guitarist
  • Ashwini- Landscape and Fashion Photographer
  • Rachita Saxena – Travel Blogger and Instagram Influencer
  • Arjun Tuli- Founder of Stay on skill
  • Panki- Owner of Sunshine Himalayan Cottage & Sunshine Adventure Company

I learned lots of new things here and shared my skill as well.

Stayonskill - ExpertAbout Stay On Skill-

Stay on skill is a program who provide us with free stays and food in return for the skill, we have. For example- if you are good at playing guitar, you can stay anywhere in India in return of your skill. You just need to teach the guitar to your host for 1-2 hours in a day. In return, they will provide you stay and breakfast. According to me, this is the best thing that we get the chance to stay with locals and experience of local culture and food. I used their services many times during my travel in India.

Tirthan Valley-

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Tirthan Valley is the offbeat destination in India where you can explore the local culture of Himachal Pradesh and enjoy the untouched scenic beauty of nature. Here you can also explore the Great Himalayan National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see the many kinds of wildlife animals here.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

1st Day of SOSMeetup-

Sunshine himalayan Cottage, Tirthan

On the 1st day of this SOSMeetup, we start our journey with introduction session, then we start the conversation and get known about the Tirthan Valley where Mr. Panki Ji (Owner of Sunshine Himalayan Cottage) shared a lot of information about the valley and great Himalayan national park. After this, we went to a homestay for a session with the local people of Tirthan Valley. There are more than 20 locals come there to meet us and attend the session. In this session, we discussed how to promote Trithan Valley and how to aware tourists for travel responsible. I got amazed to see that mostly locals are so active in social life and educated. In my 3 years of traveling, I saw only one village in India where people are educated and aware about sustainable travel. I loved to be a part of this session.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

After this session, we went for the village tour where we experienced the local life of a citizen of Tirthan Valley. We crossed the river by the cable car (ropeway). We saw the mud and wooden houses. Met locals and talk to them.

Tirthan valley, Himachal Pradesh

At night we again a session with Ph.D. Scholars who are researching about wildlife in the great Himalayan national park. We got lots of information about the wildlife, birds, and herbs in this region. After this 2 hours session, we enjoyed the music party. Mr. Rohan who is guitarist there, perform and we all appreciate it. Overall, we spent our first day of meet up by doing lots of fun and learning lots of new things.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

2nd Day-

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

On the 2nd day, we had to do trekking to Great Himalayan National Park. So we start to be preparing for it after taking our breakfast. Stay on skill gave us their T-shirt of skilled travelers to all. We packed our lunch for trekking. We start our trek to great Himalayan national park at 11 Am in the morning. It was a little hike to Great Himalayan National Park from the village Gushiyani.

Great Himalayan National Park

We reach there after a short walk of 2 hours. We enjoyed the view of waterfalls and Tirthan River. We went there with our Guide Paras Ram. After reaching the gate of Great Himalayan National Park, we clicked lots of pictures, and then we went to Hippo Waterfall. Hippo waterfall is the famous waterfall of Tirthan Valley. Its named Hippo Waterfall because of the stone in the waterfall looking like Hippopotamus. We made our lunch there and captured the good memories with other bloggers by clicking hundreds of pictures there. After that, we went down to our room in – Sunshine Himalayan Cottage.

Great Himalayan National Park  Great Himalayan National Park Great Himalayan National Park Great Himalayan National Park

After reaching back to our room, we celebrated the first birthday of stayonskill. We cut the cake and celebrated the happy moments.

Stayonskill 1st Birthaday Celebration

After that, Mr. Panki who is the owner of the Sunshine Himalayan Cottage did a session where they shared his 20 years experience of trekking and adventure in the great Himalayan national park in Tirthan valley. They shared the problems they faced during trekking in this region. They gave us lots of information and tips for trekking and camping.

Stayonskill 1st Birthaday Celebration

3rd Day-

Chhoie Waterfall, Tirthan valley

On the 3rd day, we start our day with a trek and fun. On this day, we trekked to Chhoie Waterfall which is a big waterfall near the Nagini Village. It was the short hike of 45 minutes from our hotel. This trek was the more laborious than the trek we did to great Himalayan national park. This waterfall is entirely different from the Hippo waterfall. We took a bath in this waterfall which was not so possible on that last waterfall. We enjoyed here more than 1 hour. As liked previous waterfall, we captured the lots of pictures here.

Tirthan River View Homestay - Gusiyani Tirthan River View Homestay - Gusiyani Tirthan River View Homestay - Gusiyani

After going down back from this waterfall, we went to a homestay in Gushiyani Village named- Tirthan River View Homestay. We didn’t visit here for a stay, and we just took our lunch there. We ate the traditional Himachali food there. We also tried Siddu (local Himachali Food) which was too tasty. The view of the Tirthan river from that homestay was looking awesome. We all loved it.

Tirthan River Campsite - Stay in Tent

At night we went to a campsite named – Tirthan River Camps for camping. This was a lovely campsite located in a very offbeat location in Tirthan Valley. We never expected that we would find that kind of fantastic campsite in from the road where the taxi driver drops us. After dinner, we did a music party and bonfire, where Rohan performs guitar.

4th Day-

Sunshine Himalayan Cottage, Tirthan valley

On the 4th day, we woke up late and went back to Sunshine Himalayan Cottage after taking breakfast at Tirthan river camps. This was the last day of our trip, so we didn’t do many activities. We just took rest before lunch. After lunch, we took a bath in the Tirthan river which is floating near to sunshine Himalayan cottage.

Sunshine Himalayan Cottage, Tirthan valley Sunshine Himalayan Cottage, Tirthan valley Sunshine Himalayan Cottage, Tirthan valley

After that, we did a bye-bye session before saying bye to all where every skilled traveler has to perform any performance. After this session, this was the sad moment for every traveler. We had to say bye to all and went back to our boring homes from this mesmerizing view of nature. It was hard to say goodbye to all after spending four unforgettable days together.

Sunshine Himalayan Cottage, Tirthan valley

We all learned lots of things from this SOSMeetup. We came as strangers but went back home to brothers – sisters. Really this trip was unforgettable.


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