Places to Explore Near Nagpur-

Places to Explore Near Nagpur

posted 4 months ago

Places to Explore Near Nagpur-

Nagpur is the orange city of India and 2nd Capital of State Maharashtra. There are lots of places in Nagpur or Near Nagpur to explore.  In this Blog, I am describing places to explore near Nagpur-

Ramtek- Places to Explore Near Nagpur


There is a Lord Ram Temple in Ramtek. It’s more than 600 Years Old. Legends consider that it was at the historic Rama’s temple located in Ramtek, where Lord Rama sojourned during his exile. The Temple is highly praised not only for its legendary and religious value, but also for its architectural connotation. Jain Temple, which has some beautiful carvings and statuette are the main attractions of Ramtek. Ramtek is at a distance of 50 km from Nagpur. Plan a trip in the month of November when the urban conducts the fortnight-long Kalidas Festival that witnesses performances by music, dance and drama maestros.

Places to Explore Near Nagpur


Adasa has located 40 km away (approx) from the city Nagpur. A picturesque village Adasa encompasses a number of very old temples, but it is the famous Ganesh temple from which the village derives its fame. The central attraction of this one of the eight Ashta-Vinayak temples in Vidarbha—the gigantic Ganesh idol—is believably self-established. This place is easily accessible from Nagpur with many buses are plying from Nagpur, Kamleshwar, and Saoner.

Places to Explore Near Nagpur


Khekranala is located in the distance of 60 km (approx) from city Nagpur. You can find greenery everywhere when you are in Khekranala. Nestled amidst the greens of the Khapa array, Khekranala beckons a large number of locals and other tourists to enjoy nature’s marvels. However the place is a much required after trekking destination, it further derives its fame from the turquoise lake it possesses. Set a base camp here for trekking or simply soak in the magical blend of blue and green of the pool. Go there in the time of monsoon, you can enjoy more than some other days.

Waterfall Ambakhori places near nagpur

Amba Khori-

Amba Khori is the most famous picnic spot near Nagpur.  It's approx 75 km away from city Nagpur. It's located on Pench River’s Bank. Visit early morning to enjoy the changing hues of the landscape as the day passes. The Timing of Amba Khori Picnic Spot is Morning 7:00 Am to 11:00 Am and Noon 2:00 Pm to Evening 6:00 Pm for all the year.

places to visit near nagpur


Nagardhan too has a fort, which is believed to be constructed by the Bhonsles. Gifted with an abundance of wild life, Nagzira has a wildlife sanctuary resting in natural domains that are a harmonious combination of lush greens and water bodies. Gaur, sambar, and deer can be seen here.