OnePlus 5t for Travelers & Travel Photography – My Review

As you know that I am a full-time traveler. Many of you asked me about which phone I use or prefer for traveling. Basically, we need 3 things on our mobile phone if you are a traveler. On basis of these three things and using from last 6 months, I prefer you to buy OnePlus 5t. Let’s read and know about these main 3 points, why it is best for the traveler.

  1. Good Battery and Fast Charging-OnePlus 5t for Travelers & Travel Photography - My Review

OnePlus 5t have battery of 3300 Mah which is good. I charge my mobile in morning time and almost every-time I found my battery percentage is 30-35% at night which is averagely good. Other than it have dash charger for charging which is too fast and enough for a traveler. I charge my mobile for 30 mins. And after 30 minutes it will charge up to 70-80% from 0. This is the best thing about One-plus 5t if you are also a traveler or backpacker or travel photographer. Mostly time I charged my mobile when I stopped for a lunch break or breakfast at any restaurant.

2. Photography-

Other Than Battery, Camera is very important feature we need in travelling. The camera of OnePlus 5t is totally worth for a travel photographer. We can adjust the Shutter Speed, ISO and White-balance of picture while clicking by its pro mode. In OnePlus 5t, you will find the camera of 16 megapixels which is good enough for travel photography. The night performance of its camera is brilliant, provide much good photos as like DSLR. The last and another amazing feature of its camera in portrait mode which gives us really nice photos. The sharpness of its portrait shot is much similar to DSLR. So why carry that big and bulky DSLR when you can click amazing shots from Mobile also. I am sharing some photos from my One-plus 5T, I clicked on my last 6 months traveling.

OnePlus 5t for Travelers & Travel Photography - My Review

OnePlus 5t for Travelers & Travel Photography - My ReviewOnePlus 5t for Travelers & Travel Photography - My Review

OnePlus 5t for Travelers & Travel Photography - My Review

3. Video-

Another main feature we need in our mobile while traveling is good video. If your mobile has the good camera, it doesn’t mean that it will give you good videos. For videos, we need good stabilisation also. stabilisation is the main factor of travel videos. Videos without stability is nothing. So OnePlus 5t provides you the good stable videos because it have electronic stable in it. I make many travel videos from my one-plus 5t in my last 6 months of traveling. You can see my travel videos in the end of this article. I embedded some of my youtube videos which I made by OnePlus 5t.

Other than these 3 points there are many additional features in this mobile. I used this mobile at the altitude of 18500 feet in -20 degrees at Mount Everest Base Camp and it is worked fine where my DJI OSMO stopped working and DSLR also stopped sometime. This is a lightweight phone so you don’t need to worry about carrying this.

The Specification of OnePlus 5t-

OnePlus 5t for Travelers & Travel Photography - My Review

  • Android 7.1
  • Dual Sim
  • 162-gram weight
  • 6-inch super AMOLED display
  • 64 GB Storage
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 16+20 Megapixel dual camera
  • 4k Recording
  • Electronic Stabilisation
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • 3300 Mah Battery

If you also a traveler or travel photographer, so don’t think so much, just book this OnePlus 5t today enjoy your photo creativity and angles.

Happy Traveling:)

Video From OnePlus 5t-


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