My Backpacking Story of Nepal – How I Traveled In Low Budget?

Nepal is a Neighbour country of India. So you can go Nepal by flight and by road also. I choose the way of the road because I love road trips. It’s too interesting to visit Nepal by Road. Let’s read my Nepal story-

Day – 1 New Delhi to Kathmandu (India to Capital of Nepal)

I visited Nepal last week. Its the first time I visited outside of India and I learned too much new things. I started my trip from New Delhi. I had 2 ideas to go Kathmandu – By Flight or By Road. I selected to go on road trips are always awesome. I went Gorakhpur from Delhi by train name Gorakhdham Express. Then I went to Sonauli Border from Gorakhpur by an Uttar Pradesh Roadways Bus and after crossing border, I went Kathmandu by Nepal Bus. This was also a backpacking trip like others. So I spent less on this trip and explore Nepal as much as possible. I never booked a taxi on this trip. I completely traveled in public transports like city buses, share taxis (Micro). I did hitchhike also in Nepal. I reached Kathmandu from New Delhi in just Rs 700.

Let’s start the reading about this fun journey of Kathmandu and Pokhara in Nepal.

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Day – 2 Swayambu Nath Stupa (Kathmandu)

I Traveled In Low Budget

After Reaching Kathmandu, I visited a place name – Thamel. Thamel in Kathmandu is as same as Paharganj in New Delhi. There are lots of hotels, hostels, clubs, bars, restaurants etc. in the market of Thamel. It is approx. 2 km far away from Kathmandu Bus Park. So I visited there by doing walking. I booked a hotel in Thamel name – Hotel Yambu. I checked in the hotel and took rest for 2 hours because I was there after the long journey of 24 hours.

I started my journey by visiting Swayambhu Nath Temple. I went there by shared taxi (Micro) by spending just rs 15. It’s a big temple. The entry tickets of this temple are Nepalese Rs 50 for SAARC Countries like India, Bhutan etc. and Rs 200 for other countries and free for Nepalese citizens. You have to climb 365 stairs for reach on the top of the temple. On the top, you can see the view of complete Kathmandu City. This temple is also known as monkey temple because there are hundreds of monkeys in this temple. But they don’t bite. I did my lunch here and spent my half of the day here. In the evening time, I came back to Hotel and took my dinner and slept.

Day – 3 Pashupati Nath Temple – Bhaktapur Durbar Square-

I Traveled In Low Budget in NEepal

Next Day, I visited another famous temple of Nepal name – Pashupati Nath Temple. It’s also a big temple and one of the top places to visit in Kathmandu. I visited here by shared taxis. For reaching here, I have to change 2 micros. Firstly I visited bus park from Thamel and then Pashupati Nath temple from Bus park. There are entry charges of Rs 1000 for foreigners in this temple. But the entry of SAARC Countries like India, Bhutan, Bangladesh is free. Photography and Videography are banned inside the temple. That’s why I don’t have many pictures of this famous temple. This is a temple of Lord Shiva and you will find lots of Shivlings inside the temple.

After Visiting Pashupati Nath Temple, I visited Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Its a big durbar square located 35 km far away from Kathmandu. There is 3 durbar square in Kathmandu – Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square. Bhaktapur durbar square is the largest one that’s why I choose to go in only Bhaktapur durbar square. I get easily bus to Bhaktapur Village from Pashupatinath Temple. In the Durbar square, you can find the lots of temples, market, you can see the nepalese culture. The entry ticket of Bhaktapur durbar square is Rs 500 for SAARC Countries like India, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Rs 1500 for other foreigners and the entry of Nepalese citizens is free. As I already said, It’s a big durbar square so I spent my evening here. You can find the effects of the earthquake in Nepal. When you visit here. After exploring the complete durbar square, I came back to the hotel at night.

Day – 4 Markets of Kathmandu City-

Market of Kathmandu Low Budget Backpacking

Its the day 4 of my trip and I felt it’s not so interesting to visit just temple, temple, and temple. So I make a plan to go markets of Kathmandu city for exploring the local culture of Nepal. I visited many markets like Thamel Markey, Ausan Market etc. Ausan Market in Kathmandu is much similar to Chandni Chowk market of New Delhi. I purchased some clothes from there like jacket, hoodie and warm socks etc. The price is good. Not so much expensive or you can say similar to price in India. I walked and explore almost markets of Kathmandu city. I also ate Nepalese food there drink sweet lassi and much more. After spending a complete day in the markets of city Kathmandu, I came back to the hotel and get ready for the move towards Pokhara.

Day – 5 Kathmandu to Pokhara-

Phewa Lake Pokhrara Low Budget Backpacking

After spending 3-4 days in Kathmandu, I came to Pokhara. For those who don’t know about Pokhara. I can say Kathmandu is like New Delhi of Nepal and Pokhara is like Pondicherry of Nepal. You will find yourself In between nature. I like Pokhara more than Kathmandu because I am a nature lover. After the journey of 10 hours from Kathmandu in a bus, I reached Pokhara in the morning. After reaching Pokhara, I went to Phewa lake first. Pokhara is famous because of its beautiful lake name Phewa Lake. It’s a big lake cover almost 40% part of city Pokhara. I planned to visit this lake. I spent my complete morning time by sitting in front of this lake. This is so beautiful lake. I booked a hotel in Lakeside area name – Hotel Karuna. I went to the hotel and took rest on this day. I didn’t do many things on this day because I was tired. I visited local markets of Pokhara and came back to the hotel after taking dinner in the market and slept.

Day – 6 When I Was Alone in A Village of Nepal-

Nepal Pokhrara Low Budget Backpacking

Its the day 6 of my trip and I visited a village near Pokhara name Ghantichina. I don’t know till now how to pronounce this word properly. This is approx. 40 km far away from Pokhara city. I visited here by bus. After reaching there I found that I was alone tourist there. I went there to explore the real beauty of Nepalese culture and explore the rural area of Nepal. This village is too beautiful. There is a small river in this village. I trek to the upside of this river and spent a quality time by sitting in front of this river. This is a small village, so there are not so many shops in this village. I went to a shop near the bus park of this village. I ate Chau Chau (Nepalese Noodles) and drink a cup of tea There. In the evening time, I came back to the hotel in Pokhara and slept.

Day- 7 Explore Pokhara City (Caves and Falls)-

Caves of Nepal Pokhrara Low Budget Backpacking

Next morning, I planned to explore the complete Pokhara City. So I rent a bicycle (Mountain bike) from a shop near the Phewa Lake. Its cost me Rs 500 for a day. I was doing cycling after 3 years so I faced some problems there. I visited a famous place name, Devis Falls. It’s a little waterfall. There is cave also near this waterfall name- Gupteshwar Cave. From the deep side of this cave, you can see this waterfall completely. It looks so awesome. The entry ticket of Devis falls is rs 30 and Gupteshwar Caves is Rs 100. Because of too dark inside the caves, You can’t click a good picture of this waterfall. But I liked that I visited here.

After the visit of Devis Falls and Gupteshwar Caves, I move towards Mahindra Caves and Bat-caves. It’s so far from Gupteshwar caves approx. 7 km. I did cycling, it’s so hard to ride a bicycle in the hilly area of Pokhara. Mahindra Caves is good but not so big. The entry ticket for going inside the Mahindra caves are RS 80 for Indians, Rs 200 for foreigners and Rs 50 for Nepalese. I visited Bat Cave after Mahindra cave. Its also known as Chameri Cave. This is so dangerous cave. Inside the cave, There are thousands of bats. Which make it dangerous. The entry ticket for going inside the Chameri caves are Rs 80 for Indians, Rs 200 for foreigners and Rs 50 for Nepalese.  After visiting these beautiful and dangerous caves of Pokhara, I came back to Hotel.

Day – 8 Begnas Lake and Rupa Taal Lake-

Begnas Lake Nepal Pokhrara Low Budget Backpacking

This is my another day in Pokhara, I visited Begnas Lake and Rupa Taal Lake. I amazed to visit there. Because these lakes are more beautiful than Phewa Lake and there are not so much tourist here. Boating in this lake is also cheaper than boating in Phewa lake. I loved that I visited here. There is a point named “Watch Tower”, from there you can see both lakes at one time. Its very interesting part to see two big lakes at one time. I started my journey from Pokhara at noon time and reached Begnas Taal after 1 hour. It’s approx. 40 km far away from Pokhara. After reaching Begnas Lake. I spent some time there and moved towards Rupa Taal Lake. It’s approx. 4-5 km far away from the begnas lake. I did trekking for reaching there instead of booking the taxi. There are some guest houses, hotels, and homestay in the area between Begnas Taal lake and rupataal lake. I asked them for booking cost of the room. I amazed again, it cost between 350-600 Nepalese rs only where the room cost in Pokhara is much expensive (2000-3000 Rs). I spent my evening in front of those untouched lakes and move back to Pokhara.

Day – 9 Kayaking in Phewa Lake, Pokhara-

Kayaking in Pokhrara Low Budget Backpacking

Its the last day of my trip and its only one activity pending on my Wishlist and this is Kayaking in Phewa Lake. Yes, I did kayaking than boating in Phewa lake. Because boating is not so much interesting. I rent a Kayak from the company Paddle Nepal. I also hired a guide for this kayak ride. With the training from this guide, I did kayaking in Phewa Lake. Kayaking is more interesting than boating in Phewa lake. Yes, I know its little risky. Because the risk of falling down of the kayak is 10 times more than a boat. But I was tension free because I wear a life jacket. I had also a guide with me because I need to learn first how to ride a Kayak. I did kayaking almost 5-6 hours and I also got wet but by God grace, I didn’t fall. After doing this great adventure in Phewa LakeIt’sts time to say bye to Pokhara. I went to the hotel and collect my backpack and I left from Pokhara for Gorakhpur. I purchased many things from Nepal like Jackets, Trekking mattress and much more.

Day – 10 Pokhara To New Delhi

Pokhrara Low Budget Backpacking

I started my journey from Pokhara to Sonauli Border at night time and I reached Sonauli at morning 5 AM. After reaching Sonauli Border, I crossed the Indian- Nepal Border. After crossing the border, I find a shared taxi which is going to Gorakhpur. Its charge me Indian Rs 200 for Sonauli Border to Gorakhpur. Finally, I reached India after spending 9-10 days in our neighbour country Nepal. I catch the train going to New Delhi from Gorakhpur and after the journey of 13-14 hours I reached Delhi. Its 10 days trip and finally its over. I loved that I visited Nepal. Nepal is very beautiful country and Nepalese are too good in nature and they are so helpful also.

I spent very less money in this trip. Mostly I spent money in Hotels booking. You can live in hostels also if you like and save more money in your Nepal trip. Nepal is not so expensive. You can easily do backpacking in Nepal.


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