MG Club and Resorts Hisar – Water Park – Gaming Zone – Ticket Cost & Review

Are you searching for Activities or accommodation in MG Club and Resorts Hisar?

Yes, this is one of the top places in Hisar to hang out with friends, family or couples. You can do many things at the MG Resort and Club Like-

MG Resort Movie Theatre-

There is a movie theatre also in this resort where you can come with family or couple and enjoy your day by watching the latest movies on MG Cinema. There are 3 Cinema screen or auditorium in this cinema hall where 2 cinema screen is average and 1 is small. As per my review, it is worth for it ticket prices of the movie. The ticket price of MG Cinema is in between Rs 100-150 which is worth it.

MG Resort Gaming Zone-

If you are from Hisar or going to Hisar, Haryana and want to enjoy your day, so let’s go and play games in MG Resort Gaming Zone. There are lots of non-electric and electric games like Pool, air hockey, Rave Racer, Bumper Car and much More, you can play here. You can also play big games like bowling etc. The tickets for these games are not so much expensive, as per my review.

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Adventures Gaming in MG Resort-

There are many adventure games, you can do here like Paintball etc.

Night Stay at MG Club and Resort-

There are some rooms also in the Mg Club and Resort where you can stay at night. This is a little far from the Hisar City. But in Hisar, it is one of the top hotels in Hisar. The rooms are good also neat and clean. Food is also available in the room. You can enjoy the view of highway also from there.

Restaurant in MG Resort, Hisar-

There is a big restaurant also in Mg Resort. The food quality is good, but its little expensive than any other hotels on highways. But if you want to spend some quality time and eat delicious food, you can visit and eat here. There are some tables in open also in the restaurant where you can also enjoy the view of the highway and resort while taking lunch or dinner.

Gym in MG Resort-

There is a gym also at this resort with have many electric and non-electric machines like Treadmill etc. You can go and do the workout in the Gym if you are staying in the room of MG Club and Resort, Hisar.

Bar and Disco in MG Resort-

There is a bar also here where you can take all kind of drinks and enjoy your day in the hangover. An open terrace disco also here where you can dance and enjoy your night if you are staying in the rooms of MG Club and Resort.

9D Theatre-

There is a 9D theatre also in MG Resort Hisar where you can enjoy the show with real feel. The ticket price of 9d cinema is Rs 150. There are many shows at this cinema. The duration of all shows is in between 10 to 15 minutes.

MG Club Water Park-

There is a water park also in MG Club and Resort. You can go and chill out from the hot day by going to this water park. This is not a big water park like Splash Water Park in Hisar, but you can come and enjoy here if you don’t want to go far away from the Hisar City. This water park is especially for kids. The ticket price of the water park is in between Rs 250 to 450.

How to Reach MG Club and Resort by bus or by road?

This is situated outside of the Hisar city and there are not any public transport or shared auto to go Mg Resort from Hisar bus stand or Hisar Railway Station. You have to book a personal Auto or cab to come here. You can also come here from the bus going to Hansi side byHisarr bypass of Haryana roadways or private buses, but ask them first that they stop there or not?

As per my review- Mg Club is worth for visiting if you want to enjoy or hangout in Hisar city



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