Mahabaleshwar- Things To Do – Places to Visit – Best Time

Mahabaleshwar is the famous hill station of Maharashtra that offers a plethora of tourist activities and attractions to avid travelers and nature lovers with salubrious weather and magnificent sceneries. You will find lots of tourists here especially in summer time from Mumbai, Pune and other big cities of Maharastra. The shooting of many films done here. The place also has historical significance being abode to several forts and age-old temples. Mahabaleshwar is one of the best places to visit in Maharastra.

Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar-

Here is the list of best places you can visit in Mahabaleshwar-

Venna Lake-

Mahabaleshwar Things To Do - Places to Visit - Best Time

Every tourist who are coming to Mahabaleshwar, visit Venna lake at their first destination. It is the most popular place in Mahabaleshwar. You can see the lush greenery surrounding the Venna lake. It is a manmade lake built in the year 1942 by Shri Appasaheb Maharaj, who was a descendant of Shivaji Maharaj. This lake spread on 7-8 km area with green trees and plants surrounding it. You can do boating here. You will find two kinds of boats here – Row and Peddle boats. The charges of boating in venna lake is around Rs 240 per boat. It is the best spot if you are coming here with family. There are some other activities you can do here are – fun fair games and merry go round for kids and Horse Riding for adults. The charges of horse riding start from Rs 100. It is really a fun activity.

Main attractions: Fishing and Horse Riding for adults and mini-train rides and merry go round for kids.

Timing: Morning 7 o’clock to Evening at 7 o’clock, every day.

Entry fee: The entry of Venna Lake is Free, you just need to pay for the activities you do here.

Photography/Videography- Allowed

Mapro Garden – The Strawberry Garden-

mapro Garden- Things To Do - Places to Visit

Mapro garden is another famous tourist spot in Mahabaleshwar located in Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar road. It is approx. 11 km far away from the city center of Mahabaleshwar. This garden is different from the others. Here you will find the plantation of strawberries, Chocolate factory, a small nursery etc. You can also try strawberry shakes, sandwiches, fruit salads, and ice creams in the restaurant inside the mapro garden. Tourist can also purchase the jams, preserves, marmalade, toppings, syrups, squashes and other strawberry products from here. If you are coming here in the month of the mat, you can join the 9 days Strawberry Festival.

Main attractions: Chocolate factory, strawberries garden.

Timing: Morning 9 o’clock to Evening at 6 o’clock, every day.

Entry fee: The entry of elephant head point is Free.

Photography/Videography- Allowed

Elephant Head Point –

Elephant Head Point Mahabaleshwar- Things To Do

Another famous destination in Mahabaleshwar – Elephant Head Point. This is known as elephant head point because of it looks like the shape of the elephant’s head. It is also known as the niddle point. It is the best picnic spot near Mahabaleshwar. Elephant Head Point is located 4 km far away from the city. You need to trek for 1 km for reaching here or you can hire a pony (horse) for it. You can see the beautiful Sahyadri mountain range from here; this magnificent panorama attracts innumerable tourists.

Main attractions: Panoramic view of Sahyadri Mountain Range, Pony ride

Timing: Morning 8 o’clock to Evening at 6 o’clock, every day.

Entry fee: The entry of mapro garden is Free.

Photography/Videography- Allowed

Dhobi Waterfall-

Mahabaleshwar- Things To Do - Places to Visit - Dhobi Waterfall

If you love to visit waterfalls, then visit dhobi waterfall. You will amazing to see the mesmerizing view of this waterfall. Dhobi waterfall is located approximately 3 km away from the main town of Mahabaleshwar. A waterfall has always been a very alluring spot for all the fun seekers and picnic goers. Straight from the hills this water falls into the valley and mixes with Koyna River which is a tributary of the Krishna River. Visit here for clicking some awesome photographs for Instagram or other social media.

Main attractions: Panoramic view of Sahyadri Mountain Range

Timing: Morning 8 o’clock to Evening at 6 o’clock, every day.

Entry fee: The entry of Dhobi Waterfall is Free.

Photography/Videography- Allowed

Lingamala Falls-

Mahabaleshwar Things To Do - Places to Visit

Lingamala Falls is another beautiful waterfall of Mahabaleshwar. You have to walk through the forest and follow a trudged trail to reach it. The falls are located amidst natural beauty, at a great spot for photography and picnic with friends and family. It is located in Mahabaleshwar – Pune road, 6 km far away from the town Mahabaleshwar. You should visit here if you are coming to Mahabaleshwar in the July to December. This is the perfect destination for travel and nature photography as well. You can see the water of Lingamala fall going down and meeting to Veena Lake.

Main attractions: Waterfall and Greenery around it.

Timing: Morning 8 o’clock to Evening at 6 o’clock, every day.

Entry fee: The entry of Lingamala Falls is Free.

Photography/Videography- Allowed

Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple-

Mahabaleshwar Temple- Things To Do - Places to Visit

Mahabaleshwar Temple is situated in the old city approximately 6 km far away from the town Mahabaleshwar. This is a very big and famous temple of Lord Shiva. It was built by the Chanda Rao More dynasty in the 16th century and it portrays a typical South Indian architectural style. There are many abodes of Lord Shiva in this temple like Rudraksha, damru, Trishul, and a bed which is more than 300 years old. There are two parts of this big temple, the first one is the sanctum sanctorum and another one is the central hall. These parts are divided by a stone wall of 5 feet.

Main attractions: The meeting point of five rivers and the adjacent Lakshmibai temple.

Timing: Morning 6 o’clock to Evening at 7 o’clock, every day.

Entry fee: The entry of Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple is Free.

Photography/Videography- Allowed in the outside area.

Pratapgad Fort-

Partapgad Fort Things To Do - Places to Visit

Pratapgad Fort is actually not proper in Mahabaleshwar because it is situated in the distance of 24 km from Mahabaleshwar. You have to book a taxi or a bus going there. This Fort is built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who was the great warrior in the history of Maharastra. You will see the Mahadev temple in the upper fort, wondrous Goddess Bhavani temple in the lower fort, and the holy dargah of Afzal Khan in the vicinity. These all things make it one of the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. You must visit here if you are a history lover.

Main attractions: The temples and dargah.

Timing: Morning 10 o’clock to Evening at 6 o’clock, every day.

Entry fee: The entry of Pratapgad Fort is Free.

Photography/Videography- Allowed.

Panchgani – Another gorgeous hill station-

Panchgani Things To Do - Places to Visit

Panchgani is famous for its shooting points and tourist spots, It is also one of the best hill stations of Maharastra close to Mahabaleshwar. It is located at the distance of 20 km from the town Mahabaleshwar. More than 75% tourists of Mahabaleshwar also visit Panchgani while their trip. Nestled amongst the five hills of Sahyadri Mountain ranges, the place has to hypnotize beauty to its credit. Krishna River flows nearby which adds to the overall charm of the place with its gentle whisperings. Here you will find the temples, the Table Land, waterfall, cave, Sydney point and lots of interesting places to visit.

Main attractions: Sydney point, Parsi point etc.

Timing: 24 hours.

Entry fee: none.

Photography/Videography- Allowed.

Things To Do in Mahabaleshwar

There are many things to do in Mahabaleshwar-

Horse Riding near Venna Lake-

Horse Riding Mahabaleshwar Things To Do - Places to Visit

You can do horse riding or pony ride near the venna lake in Mahabaleshwar. There is a separate ground for it near the Parking area. The charges of horse riding are starts from Rs 100 for one round.

Go Karting-

Go-karting Mahabaleshwar Things To Do

You can do go-karting in the Velocity Entertainment. Velocity Entertainment is situated at the Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani Road. It spread over the area of 10 acres. There are many indoor and outdoor games here for kids and adults. You can play many games here like go-karting, hanging merry-go-round, zorbing wall and Italian Drop Tower, air hockey, dashing cars, and basketball. 


Trekking in mahabaleshwar - Things to Do

Trekking in the Sahyadri range of mountains is one of the best things to do in Mahabaleshwar. This place is full of surprises, especially during the monsoons and a little after that. Trekking in this region is totally different from the other. Experience that.

Taste The Strawberry Shake-

Strawberry Shake in mahabaleshwar - Things to Do

Mahabaleshwar is famous for its strawberry farms as well. So keep note that you should taste the strawberry shake while your trip Mahabaleshwar. This is one of the best things to do here.

Try the Local Home-Style Food-

If you are also foodie or like to taste the local food, then this is the best thing you can do here. It has a range of flavors and spices. If you’re a non-vegetarian, you will love the gravies. Even vegetarians will relish the flavourful food at the Khanavals

Best Time to Visit Mahabaleshwar-

You can visit Mahabaleshwar anytime for chilling out in between nature.

If you come here between December to February – you will find the winters here, the temperature will be in between 8°C and 30°C. This is the perfect time if you are coming here for trekking or other outdoor activities. It’s a popular time for couples, particularly honeymooners.

If you come here between March to June- the mercury of thermometer starts rising but it’s still pleasant enough. You will find the temperature between 16°C and 36°C.

Places to visit Mahabaleshwar - Things to Do

If you come here between June to September – you will find the heavy rainfall here. The hills and the view look amazing in this weather but you may be stuck in the bad weather or land sliding. This weather is best for travel and nature photographers.

If you come here between October to December- you will find the pleasant weather here. The hills and valleys look gorgeous after the monsoon. The temperature is also cool. It is the best time for sightseeing.

So the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar is in between October to December.

How to Reach Mahabaleshwar?

By Bus-

You can easily reach Mahabaleshwar by catching the bus from Mumbai or Pune. You can also come here by changing the bus from Satara like Mumbai to Satara and then Satara to Mahabaleshwar. If you are coming here from Mumbai, you can catch the bus from Dadar East, Sion or Vashi to Mahabaleshwar.

Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar - Things to do

By Train-

The nearest railway station from Mahabaleshwar is while Wathar which is just 60 km far away from the town. You can easily reach Mahabaleshwar from while wathar by catching state transport bus or shared cab. Pune railway station is also best for you if you are coming from any other part of India. You can reach Pune easily from any part of India.

By Flight-

There is not an airport in Mahabaleshwar. So you need to come to Pune first if you want to explore the Mahabaleshwar. Pune airport is the nearest airport from the town. You can take a bus or taxi to Mahabaleshwar from Pune. It is 120 km far away.

Where To Stay in Mahabaleshwar?


There are hundreds of hotels in Mahabaleshwar. You can book your room online as well. The rooms in Mahabaleshwar is starting from Rs 500 and you can book as expensive or luxurious as you want. If you are a solo traveler and want to visit Mahabaleshwar, then I prefer you to book your accommodation option online. You may find difficulty in the searching room for the solo traveler in Mahabaleshwar.


There is not any hostel in Mahabaleshwar. If you want to stay in the hostel, you have to go Panchgani for it which is 20 km far away from Mahabaleshwar. In Panchgani, there is a hostel of famous hostel chain in India named “Zostel”. The hostel is good, neat and clean.

Mahabaleshwar Tourist Emergency Contacts-

  • Ambulance Services- 02168- 260220/ 260247
  • Police Station- 02168 – 260333/ 100
  • Local Enquiry- 02168 – 260197
  • MDTC- 02169 – 260318
  • Range Forest Office- 02168 – 260281

Places to visit in Mahabaleshwar - Things to do

Tips You Should Follow if You Are Planning a Trip to Mahabaleshwar-

Carry A Sunscreen Lotion-

If you are planning to visit here in the summer-time, you will find the sunny weather which may harmful to your skin. So always carry a sunscreen lotion of SPF 20+.

Carry A Jacket-

In winters, you will find the cool temperature. So I prefer you always carry a jacket with you if you are planning to visit Mahabaleshwar between September to March.

Use Trekking Equipment-

If you are planning to do trekking in Mahabaleshwar, then you should carry the proper trekking equipment for it. I know this is not so high altitude treks like the Himalayas but every mountain is the mountain, it might be risky to trekking without the basic equipment.

Beware of thieves-

As like other destinations in India, here also you may find thieves. So beware of it, especially solo traveler keep notice it.

Book The Complete Day Taxi Package-

Book The Complete Day Taxi Package instead of book separate taxi for every destination. You may not find any return taxi from the destinations, that’s why I recommend to book a return taxi also. You can book a full day taxi package from the Mahabaleshwar bus Stand area.

If you are planning a trip to Mahabaleshwar and searching for places to visit, best time, things to do and how to reach?

So hope this travel guide will help you a lot. Visit here any season whenever you want and have fun.

Happy Traveling 🙂


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