Kayaking in Phewa Lake, Pokhara with Paddle Nepal – About Rent, Guide, and My Experience-

About Kayaking and Boating-

Kayak looks like a boat but its too different. It’s a single seater or double seater little boat which is very hard to ride. But riding a Kayak is better than boating in Phewa Lake because boating is not so adventurous. I agree that its a big risk of falling down in water while riding a Kayak, but you can protect yourself by wear a life jacket. So why choose boat? when you are able to do kayaking in Phewa lake. If you are solo, I prefer you must do kayaking in Phewa Lake in your Pokhara Nepal Trip.

Kayaking in Phewa Lake, Pokhara About Rent, GuideWhere to Hire a Kayak in Pokhara? How to Learn?

So if you are interested to do Kayaking in Phewa Lake, Pokhara. There are many companies in Pokhara who provides Kayak Ride. But I prefer to go with the company “Paddle Nepal”. Because as per my experience they provided me best services as they can. Its a company where you can hire a Kayak, SUP (Stand up Paddle), Rafting etc. Their prices are also not so expensive than any other companies in Pokhara.

If you don’t know How to ride a Kayak? And want to learn it? So you can also learn here. This company Paddle Nepal has its own Kayak School also in Pokhara. It’s not so difficult to learn how to ride a Kayak in the lake. You can easily learn and ride kayak with the training of 2-3 hours.

What the Rent of Kayak in Pokhara?

The rent of kayak in Pokhara is different of all companies. I tried rate of many companies and found best services and prices at the company name “Paddle Nepal” as I said earlier. They provide best rates of kayak rental in Pokhara. They provide life jackets also with all packages. The rent list of kayak of company Paddle Nepal is-

1 Hour-  Nepalese Rs 650/-

Half Day- Nepalese Rs 900/-

Full Day- Nepalese Rs 1400/-

I think this price list is worth their services. That’s why I recommended this company.

Is Guide Necessary For Do Kayaking in Phewa Lake, Pokhara?

The guide is not so necessary if you know how to ride a kayak or if you ride many times before this. But if you are a first-time kayak rider, I strongly prefer you to hire a guide for you kayaking. Because it is not so easy to ride a kayak and the probability of falling down is higher if you ride it first time. No matter you are riding solo or with any kayak partner but you need a little training for this. As I discussed about Paddle Nepal, They provide Kayak Guide as well. You can hire a kayak guide for kayaking in Phewa Lake in Pokhara at Paddle Nepal. So don’t worry that you don’t know about how to ride a kayak. Just hire a guide from Paddle Nepal and do Kayaking…

Kayaking in Phewa Lake, Pokhara About Rent, Guidejpeg

My Experience of Kayaking in Phewa Lake, Pokhara-

I visited Pokhara last week and its really an awesome trip to Nepal and the Kayaking made this trip more awesome. Kayaking is one of the major adventures I did in Nepal. I did it first time in my life. After reaching Pokhara, I visited Phewa lake and I saw that there are hundreds of people who were boating at that time. I did boating many times in my life in many lakes and rivers. So I don’t like boating that much. So I planned to do some other crazy thing in this beautiful lake in Nepal.

Kayaking in Phewa Lake, Pokhara with Paddle Nepal

I chose Kayaking, I didn’t know at that time where I could hire a kayak in Pokhara? And was it safe to ride a kayak in Phewa lake? So I started searching for companies who provide kayak on rent in Pokhara city. I visited many companies and found best prices and services at Paddle Nepal. So I hired a kayak and a guide from this company and went to the lake.

Kayaking in Phewa Lake, Pokhara About Rent Guide

It’s my first time of kayaking, that’s why I hire a guide also. I hired a double seater kayak and start my ride with a guide behind me. I learned there, how to ride a kayak and how I could save my self from falling down and balancing it. In starting I faced many problems while riding but after some time I felt that this is not so difficult. There are very few kayaks in Phewa lake at that time and I was feeling special to ride a kayak in between hundreds of boats. I spent a complete day at Phewa lake by doing a kayak ride. It was amazing to did kayak ride in this beautiful natural lake in Pokhara.

So why do Boating? Let’s do different than others by choosing a Kayak Ride.

Happy Kayaking 🙂


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