Is GoPro Hero 5 Worth For Travel Use?

Is GoPro Hero 5 Worth For Travel Use?

posted 4 months ago

Is GoPro Hero 5 Worth For Travel Use?

GoPro Hero 5-

I am using GoPro Hero 5 from last 6 months and I used it for my all travel and trekking. I used it for underwater shots also. After regularly using it, today I felt that let’s share my 6 months experience to use GoPro action camera to all and suggest you should you buy or not?

About GoPro Hero 5-

GoPro Hero 5 is an action camera which you can use while your travelings and all adventure activities like scuba diving, paragliding, water sports and all. GoPro is mainly used for ultra wide angle shots and it really clicks wide. It is very tiny in size and easy to carry. It's waterproof also till 30 meters deep in the water. You can also mount it on your helmet for recording while riding bike or bicycle. GoPro records full Hd and 4k videos. You can click ultra-wide photos as well from this tiny camera. For using it on all adventures and other travel purposes, you have to buy its mount kit as well like head mount, chest mount, wrist mount, helmet mounts and much more. So let’s know about spending money on these mounts and GoPro is really worth?

Is GoPro Hero 5 Worth For Travel Use?

Battery Backup of GoPro Hero 5-

The battery backup of GoPro Hero 5 is not so well. Its go down with 40-50 minutes if you use regularly. But what we can expect from this tiny size camera? I think this is enough for this size action camera. The battery of GoPro Hero 5 is 1000 MaH. We can carry extra batteries if we need more to shoot or we can charge it by its fast type C USB cable.

Underwater Performance of GoPro Hero 5-

Well, I never used it on deep water like 30 meters or deeper but I used it 1 or 2 meters deep inside the water. It performs well. One time I saw that its hang after a water shot. I don’t know why? But its hang only one time. After that, it is performing well.

Is GoPro Hero 5 Worth For Travel Use? battery

Night Performance-

Night performance or dark light performance is not so good of GoPro. Or I can say that GoPro is made for daytime adventures. I also used it with the light on night time but it didn’t perform like daytime.

Is GoPro Footage is really 4K?

Yes, if you select the option and record on 4K. It will give you full HD 4K footage. But for recording in 4K, You have to use high class and big storage memory card which can support this video quality. Remember every LED and Mobile Devices don’t support 4K video play.

Stabilization in GoPro Hero 5-

The GoPro company says that it has electronic stabilization in it. But I didn’t find my videos so stable and all. All are shaky so I can’t say that it has good stabilization.

What I like about this GoPro Hero 5-

I like its ultra-wide video quality. The Superview mode is awesome. I used it for my all travel and adventure.

What I Dislike about this GoPro Hero 5-

I dislike that there is no any service center of GoPro in India. I want to repair my GoPro but there is not any source in India. I also dislike that its accessories its too expensive.

Overall, Is GoPro Hero 5 Worth For Travel Use?

Yes, if you are daily traveler or travel once or twice in a week. But if you are a seasoned traveler then don’t buy this expensive camera for your travel clicks and all.