A Detailed Travel Guide for Kheerganga Trek- Distance - Difficulty - Best Time

A Detailed Travel Guide for Kheerganga Trek- Distance - Difficulty - Best Time

posted 2 years ago

A Detailed Travel Guide for Kheerganga Trek- Distance - Difficulty - Best Time

Kheerganga is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh and in the lap of the Parvati Valley which is also known as "Kullu valley", it is located at an altitude of approximately 9800 feet above the sea level.

The mythology importance of this place is that local people used to tell a story which is: When Lord Shiva told their sons(Kartikey & Ganesha) to go and travel around the world 3 times. Ganesha used his intelligence and thought that the whole world lies at his parent’s feet, He circumferenced around them (Shiva and Parvati), while Kartikey travels the world for a whole year. But when he came back he got to know that his younger brother Ganesha was made the king and was enjoying all the powers and facilities through using his brain. He was angry because as an elder brother he wanted to become a king.

 Kheerganga Trek- Distance - Difficulty - Best Time

Later on, he went to a cave and hide from outside the world for deep meditation and that cave is known as "Kheerganga".

After this scene, Lord Shiva and Parvati came here to take back to his home with them. Out of adoration for his child, Goddess Parvati made the kheer (rice pudding) spill out of the mountain (kheer-ki-Ganga which truly means the waterway of rice pudding). Later ruler Parshuram, on understanding the approaching of kalyug and that there could be a battle among individuals, ceased the kheer and what remained is the high temp water or hot spring water.

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HOW TO REACH Kheerganga Trek?

Reaching Delhi to Bhuntar-:

You can go by hiring taxis or by private Volvo buses which runs from different locations in Delhi. All the Volvo buses leave Delhi in the evening and early morning approximately 6 am to 8 am(depends upon weather conditions) you'll reach Bhuntar.

Bhuntar is a small village where you can find many ATM's as well as goods. Recommended that to take out cash or carry cash along with you because in mountains you won't be able to find  ATM's or any other source. You can reach Kasol-Barshaini by HRTC-Himachal Parivahan bus. Barshaini which comes after kasol. You need to stop for breakfast or want some adventure so better to stop in Manikaran, where famous Gurudwara is situated. You will reach Manikaran from Bhuntar in 2-3 hours approximately.

-Trekking Routes To Kheergranga-:

 Kheerganga Trek- Distance - Difficulty - Best Time

The total distance of trekking by any means of routes from Barshaini to Kheerganga is 9-10 km. There are 3 routes to reach Kheerganga  from Barshaini which are given below;

1.) You need to cross the bridge after the Barshaini village and take a left turn, ask any locals for the correct way to Nakthan village and Kheerganga. This is a short route and it only took 5-6 hours for an individual to reach. The route is on the very left side of the Parvati river and you can reach through taking the river in an opposite direction of Parvati river and then you'll reach Nakthan village, which is a very popular route to trek to Kheerganga. The trails are also well marked.

2.) From the bridge, you can take right and you need to lift up to reach Kalga Village. From Kalga you'll find there are lots of different trekking routes to reach Kheerganga. Many people do not know about the routes as this route passes through the dense forests and furthermore, it's very workable for individuals to lose their way on this trekking way to Kheerganga.

3.) From Tosh village, there is a different trekking route to reach Kheerganga. This route also joins the route no. 1 near the Nakthan village. This route is very famous amongst tourists and convenient way for the first time trekkers as you can stay in Tosh for some interesting nightlife and trek to Kheerganga in the next morning. Near Pulga village, tosh river flows nearby and joins the Parvati river.

- Trekking To Kheerganga-:

 Kheerganga Trek- Distance - Difficulty - Best Time

It's better to reach Barshaini by 11 am to 12 pm, mostly trekkers, travelers, and tourists use to trek to Kheerganga on a similar day because the time taken to reach Kheerganga from Barshaini is usually 3 to 4 hours but it depends on an individual's speed and ability. Its an easy level trek but for a first-time trekker, it feels like a difficult trek.

You can do hiking to Kheerganga and come back to your base on the same day. But in this, you have to very quickly and you also have to familiar with the trails. So, the better way is to reach there anyhow by noon and have fun in the natural hot spring water or you can also take a bath there so you'll feel better and relaxing. You can get back to Barshaini in only 2 hours because of its downhill way and trails, you only need to take care of your weight because if you fall down you maybe get a serious injury.

-Point To Remember In Kheerganga-:

 Kheerganga Trek- Distance - Difficulty - Best Time

Its quite cold in Kheerganga, so woolen jackets, pullovers, and sweaters are highly recommended in the months of summer too. Carry a BSNL connectivity sim card with you because mobile networks work in Barshaini, Kalga and in Tosh only. Kheerganga has BSNL connectivity but you'll hardly find networks of BSNL there too. It's good to make or take important calls before leaving Barshaini, Kalga or Tosh. It's awesome if you carry a water bottle with you and if you're running out of the water so don't even think to buy water bottles from any restaurant. The restaurant owner maybe tries to sell their water bottles to you but don't just blindly listen to them and buy a water bottle, rather than you can fill it from many Dhaba's it will save our nature as well as your money.

 Kheerganga Trek- Distance - Difficulty - Best Time

-The Basic Costs For Kheerganga Trek-:

• Bus tickets (Volvo A/C) from Delhi to Bhuntar & back:: 3000/- rupees

• Bhuntar to Barshaini:: 300/- rupees

•  Stay in Kheerganga or in any other villages:: 250/- rupees per night

• There are not so many food options also they're costly:: 500/- rupees per day and night respectively.

Best time to visit Kheerganga is from April to June and September to November.