How To Backpack Plan Trip to Goa In Off Season With Low Budget?

How To Backpack Plan Trip to Goa In Off Season With Low Budget?

posted 4 months ago

Goa has many parts in itself. You can do the same thing in Goa with different budgets- Cheap or Expensive. You can enjoy and visit all of Goa in Cheap or less budget also, yes it’s possible. Today in this blog, I discuss about how you can visit all the Goa in Less Budget, How to plan for Goa Trip if you have not so high budget, Off Season Of Goa, Some Tips to Follow for saving money while you travelling in Goa, enjoy all things in your budget and much more. Hello, Friends, I am Jony Jindal you are reading Go4explore. Let’s Explore-

Plan a Trip to Goa in fewer budgets, Some Tips to Follow, Things to Do-

If you are living in New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat or other states in India. Let’s talk about how to plan a trip to Goa?

Book the ticket of Goa in Train-

It’s Cheap and more enjoyable than flight or other transport. The train reaches Goa by Konkan Railway and The Konkan Railway is awesome. You can see Lots of Mountains, Valley, Lakes, River, Tunnel on the way by Konkan Railway. Really it’s an amazing experience you got by traveling on the train. Book the ticket to station Margao (Goa) or Vasco Da Gama (South Goa).  It's approx ticket cost from Delhi to Goa is Rs 750 in Sleeper Class coach and RS 1700 in Third Tier AC Coach in Train. It’s almost same from other states also.

How To Backpack Plan Trip to Goa In Off Season in low Budget

Carry Small Bag or Trekking Bag Than Trolly Bags or Suitcase-

Carry a large bag in Goa tour is a big problem. Because if you want to explore complete Goa. You have to change your stay destination day by day. There is two part of visiting in Goa- North Goa or South Goa. You must visit both. Carry a Rucksack bag is best when you plan a trip to Goa.

Hire a Bike or Scooter Instead of Book a Cab-

Hire a Bike or Scooter in Goa is Cheaper than book a cab or taxis. You can enjoy all Goa with that’s rented bike. It’s not expensive to hire a bike in Goa. The cost of bikes and scooter in Goa are following-

Royal Enfield or FZ Bike-                             Rs 1000 per day

Activa or Aviator Scooter-                               Rs 400 per day

Try Hitch Hiking in Goa-

Hitchhiking is a process where you can go to your destination by taking the lift from others who go there already. It’s almost free and interesting to do. You may meet some other tourists on the ways or get knowledge about the famous places of there and save money of hiring a guide.

book hotel in cheap prices in goa

Try Couch Suffering In Goa-

Couch Suffering is a process where you can book a room in somebody’s home or in share rooms in Hotel. It’s less expensive than book a room in hotel or resort. It gives you an awesome feeling to stay in somebody’s home in there. You may feel like you are a local person of Goa.

North Goa and South Goa-

North Goa is famous for beaches, Parties, Casinos etc. where South Goa is Famous for Churches or Temples. Plan a trip of 5 days is best if you want to explore complete Goa in low budget. Visit first 2 days in South Goa and other 3 days in North Goa. Remember, North Goa is much expensive than South Goa.

Use Tourist Buses-

Use tourist buses for exploring Goa. It’s cheap cum entertaining way to Visit Goa. You can make new friends in your bus group. They took 2 days to explore Goa. 1 day for South Goa and 1 day for North Goa. The ticket cost of tourist buses in Goa is Rs 350 per day.

cheap hotel in Goa

Book Hotel Online-

Book your hotel room online. There are many coupon and discount you can find than any offline booking.

cheap water sports in goa

Water Sports in low budget in Goa-

If you want to does all water sports activities in Goa. You must Goa Malvan. Malvan is a city near Goa. It's approx 50 km away from Panaji, The capital of Goa. You can do all water activities in very cheap prices there like scuba-diving, parasailing, jet-ski, banana ride, speed boat ride, sofa ride and much more…

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Deltin Royale- Casino in Goa

Cheap Casinos in Goa-

There are lots of casinos in Goa. If you want to play and earn in the casino at India, must try Goa’s Cruise Casinos. These are big Cruises which have the restaurant, disco, hotel and casino in it. If you ever visit Goa, Must try it. If you h the ve low budget but want to play or enjoy in Casinos, go there on weekdays. All casinos in Goa are cheaper on weekdays (Monday to Friday) than weekend days (Friday to Sunday). If you want to go casino’s cruises in low budget, you can go Casino Pride or Casino Pride 2 and if you have some more budgets for the casino, you can go Deltin Royale or Deltin Jaqk. There is a difference of Rs 1000 between Deltin Royale and Casino Pride. (If you want to know more about them, click on their name).

how to do Goa backpacking

Off Season Goa-

If you have the low budget and want to visit Goa and enjoy all the activities there. Go Goa in Off Season Time. The main season time of Goa is in Between October to February. All things and activities are more expensive that time than other months. Hotel booking prices also increase in that time. If you have the low budget, go Goa in from March to September and enjoy all things in that time at cheaper prices.

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