How I Reached Kathmandu From Delhi in Just Rs 700?

Nepal is the neighbor county of India. So you can easily go there by roads. So why go by flights and spend Rs 6000-7000 for flight tickets? Let’s go by road. It’s easy to go and really it’s so interesting to go there by roads. You will love that moment when you cross the border and enter in Nepal.

It’s the story of my Nepal journey. I went Kathmandu last week. As always I like to go by road so I went there by road. It’s not completely a backpacking trip but I did little backpacking for make this journey more interesting and memorable. It’s a sudden plan so I can’t afford the tickets of flight at that time. So I made a plan to go there by road and after reached Kathmandu, I felt how amazing this journey was.

I started my journey from New Delhi. I booked a Tatkal ticket of Gorakhpur from Delhi in a train name- “Gorakhdham Express”. It’s a Tatkal ticket and I got the ticket on a 2S Coach. I know it’s little difficult to go in a 2S coach but I managed. There are lots of new people I met during this journey. I talked with them and I slept also for 4-5 hours. This ticket cost me Rs 260 from New Delhi to Gorakhpur because it is a Tatkal ticket. You can get this ticket cheaper if you book it in advance. After the journey of 12-13 hours in a train, I reached Gorakhpur.

Delhi To Kathmandu, Nepal - Sonauli Border Crossed

After reaching Gorakhpur, I went to Gorakhpur Bus Stand. From there I catch the bus to Sonauli border from Gorakhpur city. This was the bus of Uttar Pradesh Roadways and it cost me around Rs 110 for this 3-hour journey of Sonauli Border. The roads to the sonauli border from Gorakhpur is good and it is a highway. You can also reach Sonauli Border by train. Just go Newtunwa Railway Station and from here the border is just 10-12 km. You can go to the border by shared auto from here.

After reaching Sonauli Border, I crossed the border and firstly went to a money exchanger shop for exchanging my Indian currency to Nepalese Rupees. After changed my currency at Sonauli Border, I found a travel agent shop nearby and I booked a seat on Sonauli Kathmandu Bus. This is an ordinary bus, so it cost me Nepalese Rs 510 (INR 318). After the journey of 8- 10 hours in this bus, finally, I reached Kathmandu.

It’s an interesting journey. I liked that I went Nepal from India by crossing border and meet lots of Nepalese and Indians on my way. In between this journey of Delhi to Kathmandu, I also explored the city Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Overall I spent-

Delhi to Gorakhpur Train Ticket- Rs 260

Gorakhpur to Sonauli Border Bus Ticket- Rs 110

Sonauli Border to Kathmandu Bus Ticket- Rs 318 (Nepalese Rs 510)

Total money I spent on this journey of Delhi to Kathmandu is under Rs 700 and I can say it is the cheaper way to reach Kathmandu from Delhi or any other corner or India.


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