Jay sehgal

How can we visit a village from KOLKATA?


  • Aayush Raje Choudhary
    3 years ago

    Ans-: Yes, you can rent a cab and set out for Shanti Niketan & on the way you can pay a visit to introduce the villages of Dhonekhali (Dhaniakhali) in the block of Hugli district.

    Then stroll through Santhal Tribal village (an ethnic group native to India and Bangladesh in South Asia). Overnight stay in Shanti Niketan & from there you can easily reach the Birbhum district to see more villages. Relish your experience her and trust me it’ll be truly a treasured kind of thing.

    While returning don’t forget to take a halt at Bisnupur to see the TERRACOTTA Temples, Dhokra casting work & pottery, also some weaving.

    An easy way for you to take advice from the locals when you reach. They’ll help you out for your further destinations like nearby villages. They can easily arrange a visit to Dhonekhali (Dhaniakhali). It’s only 1.5 hours of journey from Kolkata.

    Also, you can contact us -: Go4Exploreto reach there and you can ask for a custom trip too.