Explore Whole Kathmandu by Public Transport? City Buses? Share Taxies? Micros?

About Kathmandu-

Kathmandu is capital of country Nepal. It is the place where all tourist comes and enjoy a lot. There are thousands of tourists comes here every day. Some are couples, group of friends, families, solo traveler, backpackers, budget travelers etc. so this post is for budget travelers and backpackers who prefer to travel by public transports like city buses, shared taxis, autos etc. Let’s read the complete post and know about Is It Possible to Explore Whole Kathmandu by Public Transport?

City Buses in Kathmandu-

Explore Whole Kathmandu by Public Transport? City Buses?

There are many options for city buses in Kathmandu city. You can easily get a city bus from any bus stop in all areas of Kathmandu. The tickets of the city bus are in between Nepalese Rs 10-40. It depends on kilometers you traveled from the bus. The city buses of Kathmandu are good and comfortable. The ticket conductor and driver may not know English and Hindi very well but they can understand and drop you where you want. Just talked to them slowly and use some signs also. In Nepal, you will hear the name “Bus Park” mostly than the bus stop, bus station or bus stand.  There are two main bus stops in Kathmandu. First one is known as new bus park and the second one is known as old bus park (As same as New Delhi and Old Delhi).

Shared Taxis in Kathmandu (Micros)-

Explore Whole Kathmandu by Public Transport? micro taxies?

You will find hundreds of shared taxis in Kathmandu city. They called it Micro. Basically, this is small van where 10-15 people sit and travel together. There are also stops for this taxies. They also just stop at the bus stop. Find a bus stop firstly for using public transport. They charged a fixed price of Nepalese Rs 15 for dropping you anywhere where these vans are going. Maybe sometime you have to change 2 or 3 cabs for reaching your destination. You can easily find these taxi till late Night also (till 11 pm). Travel in these micro taxies gives you amazing feel of local citizen of Kathmandu. You can also talk to local citizens in these taxies and get deep knowledge about your destinations.

My Experience of Travel in Public Transport in Kathmandu-

On my trip of Nepal of 10 days, I never booked a taxi or auto. Yes, I traveled and explore complete  Nepal by public transports because I love to talk local peoples while traveling. So I always prefer to go by city buses, share taxies and all. I stayed at Hotel Yambu in Thamel, Kathmandu and from Thamel to any corner of Kathmandu you can travel by shared taxies and city bus if you want and try. I went Shyambu Nath Temple, Pashupati Nath Temple, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Paltan Darbar Square, Bodhnath Stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square all by city buses and shared taxies (Micros). I loved that I traveled in public transport because I talked to locals a lot during my short journeys in the city Kathmandu. And also I saved much money for doing this.

I Traveled-

  • Thamel to Shyambu Nath Temple by Shared Taxi (Micro) by spending Rs 15.
  • Thamel to Pashupati Nath Temple by shared taxi (Micro) by changing taxi from old bus park and I spent total Rs 30 in this journey.
  • I traveled Bhaktapur Durbar Square by city bus by changing at old bus park and I spent total Rs 50 in this 35 km journey.
  • I traveled Paltan Durbar Square by city bus by changing at old bus park and I spent total Rs 55 in this 40 km journey.

So why book a taxi? Let’s go with public transport.

Happy Journey 🙂


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