If you are planning on spending your vacations in a place blessed with the beauty of nature, Almighty Himalayas and soul soothing views then Mussoorie should be your choice. Nestled in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range, Mussoorie is said to be the queen of the hills. The pleasant views of the lush green rolling slopes with the Garhwals as backdrop will make your jaws drop (As poetic as it might sound).

The landscape in front of your eyes looks nothing but a painting or even something more surreal.

Mussoorie has been a great catch for travelling since olden times and has continued its pace up till now despite being intensively commercialized. It attracts a lot of newly-weds towards it as the weather is perfect to celebrate their honeymoon, in fact Mussoorie is perfect for any kind of vacation be it a honeymoon, school trip or family trip. The climate is pleasant all around the year which is why it remains a busy hill station all year round. 

Did you know the story behind Mussoorie being called Mussoorie? Mussoorie derives its name from the flowers of Mussoorie which are called Mansoor and are found in abundance in Mussoorie.

Why to go?

Why one should visit Mussoorie?

 Probably, to witness one of the most beautiful scenes whilst a 1 am walk on the streets or maybe to cherish a hot cup of coffee on the terrace of café Ivy on a turn in Landour. Mussorie is a place of tourists, food and wholesome sense of beauty. You could go there to casually encounter Ruskin Bond in a book café near Library chowk, or freshen up yourself under the thundering Kempty falls. It is a perfect weekend getaway, filled with great street food , walks along the mall road or sitting on a hotel terrace, with friends and family alike. Mussoorie has a range of options for everyone, soothing picnic spots to adventure activities, local cafes for local cuisines to high end cafes. It is a mix of natural beauty and peace spots.  

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  • Lal Tibba

    Lal tibba or “red hill” is said to be the highest peak of the area. Situated on the top of Depot Hill in Landour, which is 6Km from Mussoorie, is untouched by commercialisation, which makes it one of the most stunning view point of Mussoorie as the crowd is less and you can feel the peace of the Himalayas a bit better. There has been an installation of a Japanese telescope which gives more detailed and close up view of the beautiful snow cladded mountain range. This mountain range is very famous for its importance in Hinduism . The peaks are home to few major pilgrimage sites like Badrinath and Kedarnath. The views are already splendid enough to catch one’s eye and the cultural factor adds more value to it making it more famous amongst the travellers making it one of the most recommended place to visit while your stay in Mussoorie.

  • Chase Winterlines-

    Nature never fails to prove its marvelousness and one such marvel is winterline. Well, right now you might be thinking what is winterline? Winterline is a rare phenomenon that can be observed only at two places in the world, that is, one in Switzerland and the other in our Mussoorie. Yes, you read that right, our country is packed with such incredible and rare finds all over. The winterline can be seen when the sun sets in the horizon, that time the sky looks vibrant, reflecting different colours. If you want to see this heart melting phenomenon of sky changing colours, you should visit Mussoorie between the months of October and January.

  • Kempty falls-

    What do you think about taking a dip into a pool of water at waterfall, surrounded by hills and clouds hovering over you? The view is surreal, people having fun in the pool, the mountains adding majestic beauty and obviously the centre of attraction being the Kempty falls, the sound of the gushing water sounds like music, the cold water, the clouds, the trees each and everything falls into place so perfectly that it attracts the most tourists of the place and hence it is also called to be the most visited place by tourists in Mussoorie. It is located at the height of 1364m from the sea level. The timing for visiting the waterfall is from 6 am in the morning to 6pm in the evening and guess what? There is no entry fee to this place.

  • Mussoorie lake

    Well, this is another spot for nature lovers  and it is not only loved by the tourists but the locals love to spend their time here too. Although, the lake is an artificial one but it is so well maintained by the authorities that it looks no less than a natural lake. The view is so serene and looks like a canvas filled with the best of a painter’s work. People can enjoy indulging in fun activities like boating and sightseeing. Although, being such a picturesque spot, it is not much explored as other places of Mussoorie , hence, it is not that crowded which is another good point. It also has numerous food points on which you can spurge later after boating. The best thing is that the place is super affordable and the entry fee is as low as 15rs. The place is open from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening daily.

  • Lake mist resort-

    No, it isn’t just a high end fancy resort, in fact it is quit cheap for the quality of service and aura they provide. You might be well aware of the beauty of Kempty falls by now. What do you think of staying at a place near it?  Well, this is a lake resort, where the lake is formed by the gushing water of Kempty falls. It is an eco-friendly resort with comfort mixed with luxury. There are various options for fun activities like boating and many more too. You can stay there and enjoy the bonfire near the lake at night of take a dip in the Himalayan water and how can I not mention about having you morning tea with a view of a waterfall, lake, mountains, amazing sky all at once. Can you even imagine how beautiful it might look in front of your eyes? You should visit this astonishing beauty.

  • The mall-

    The mall or let us say the mall road is one of the busiest places in Musoorie. It is packed up with so many shops that sell colourful jewellery, beads, woollen clothes, gifts and so much more. Some shops sell products at flea market price and some hype it up a bit, so, you have to be really careful at the time of buying them about their quality and price both.

Coming onto the food at the mall road, you can expect a variety of food points, from street food to high end cafes, from Kalsang to domino’s, pretty much all of it. I would recommend you to try the sweet corn sold by street vendors. Trust me, that is the best and gives another level of satisfaction to have steaming hot masala corn in the cold of Mussoorie.

  • Jharipani falls-

    Another gem of Mussoorie for all the nature and peace lovers this hidden getaway shall be on your list. It falls 7km away from Mussoorie, on the road to Mussoorie from Dehradun. This quaint little place is actually a small trek away from Mussoorie. Well, for the best experience, you will have to make a little effort. It is situated away from all the chaos and is perfect if you are looking  some peaceful time. It is an amazing picnic spot to give you chills with its hidden beauty.

  • Visit antique shops

    Mussoorie has lots of these cute little gift shops that sell vintage stuff which will leave you astonished by its incredibility. You can get some of the rarest of gifts and unique pieces. You will find these shops on your way to picture palace from Landour. They sell the most vintage products and it has a little story behind it. It is said that Mussoorie used to have a lot of English residents before Independence and at the time of leaving our country, they sell their products and these were the products. So, most of the products are from the British raj period. There are many such shops in that lane and you should buy wisely if planning to, after having weighed it from the other shops, as sometimes, the shopkeepers tend to loot the customers. These shops are good choice to buy some valuable souvenirs for your family and friends.

  • Gunhill-

    Another major attractive tourist spot in Mussoorie .It gives astounding view of the lush green valley cladded with clouds.  This is one of the reasons for it being such a centre of attraction. The main reason is due to its connection with the cable car. It is a 10 mins ride from Jhula ghar to Gunhill, which lets you feel the adrenaline rush and butterflies at the same time. You can take the ride from one valley to another experiencing life between the hills. The view is incredible , The mountains, the valley, the clouds, the vibe, everything keeps one so engaged that those ten minutes feel like seconds and you will be left with nostalgia wanting to go back again.

  • Company garden-

    The most common picnic spot of Mussorie. This garden is located 10 minutes away from mall road and is worth your time while in Mussorie. The garden is amusing to the eyes, with a lot of lush green trees and bright colourful flowers with the lake in between and the garden guarded by the huge Himalayas. You will find a small lake in between the garden which offers splendid scenic view and is the perfect picnic spot that you’ve been looking for. Spread that sheet, take out the eateries and enjoy it with your dear ones. Also, please keep in mind not to pollute the place and clean the place in every possible way. They have started fun activities in the lake like paddled boating too, if you want to try your hands on that. So, if you are in Mussorie, head over to company garden with some delicious food and a bed-sheet to spend some beautiful time but do not litter around.

  • Cambridge book depot-

    If you are a book lover, this place is your paradise. It is actually a bookstore/ library filled with plenty of books and it is a huge highlight of Mussoorie. From old to new, there is one for all. It is famous not only because of the books but because of one and only Sir Ruskin Bond, who has made our childhood a bit more melancholic .If you are here on a Saturday, you might get a chance to meet Sir Ruskin bond and even get his autograph and if your luck plays hard to get then you can buy one of the signed copies that are sold at the shop itself. Meeting him is not an easy task as there is always a huge line ahead waiting to meet him but you can try your luck. It is one of the most precious bookstores in India and you should definitely visit it once even if you are not a book lover.

  • The happy valley-

    the name itself defines pretty much everything on its own. The view from the happy valley altogether is so serene that you will be left with a broad smile on your face. The famous IAS academy of Mussoorie is located here at this beautiful valley itself. The happy valley culminates at the place where the geographical boundary of Mussoorie ends. The Municipal garden and the famous Tibetan temple are located nearby too adding more value to the place. The entry to the Tibetan temple is free but there are restrictions on timings. It is open from 5 am to 12 noon and then opens at 4pm till 9pm.

  • Camel’s road-

    What is the most eye catching view that you think of while going to a hill station? Obviously, the snow-capped mountains are the highlight but have you watched the valley glow at night? This road is known Camel road due to the rock formation at the end of the road which makes it appear in the shape of a camel’s hunched back and hence, it gets its name. It starts from the liberty point and ends at the Kulri Bazar and covers almost 3 km. Due to the splendid view that it provides, it gathers a lot of  tourists in summers and hence remains crowded .It gives the most amazing view of the doon valley.

  • Benog wildlife sanctuary-

    If you are someone who loves wildlife, animals, nature, this place is a must visit place. You can have a good time watching birds, flowers and so much more. There are so many options and chances to watch some rare species of flora and fauna, not only this but the places offers an easy trek too, if you want to explore it slow, it has few amazing view-points to capture your heart. It is located 11 km away from Mussoorie and you shall definitely visit here if you like you bird watching and wildlife. It is open from 7am to 5pm and the entry fee for Indians and it is a bit higher for foreigners.

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When to go-

The best time to visit it is from March to June and September to February but it is more fun to go in the off season as the streets are less crowded and you would get more peaceful time to you for exploring it. It has a pleasing weather all year round but I will suggest you to avoid going in monsoon season (july - august) as it gets a little risky due to heavy rainfall and chances of landslide are bit higher. It receives snowfall in winters and looks like nothing but winter wonderland. So, if you want to experience the snowfall and play with the fresh, fluffy, snow white  snow crystals ,you should plan your trip somewhere between December and January. That is when it snows.

Pro tip- Always carry an umbrella or a raincoat when travelling to Mussoorie as it often rains without any alarm.

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How to reach-

Mussoorie lies 34km away from Dehradun and Dehradun is the only route that one can take.

 If you are coming from Delhi then take a train or bus or flight from Delhi to Dehradun and then you can easily take a bus from Dehradun to Mussoorie in as cheap as 60rs or take a taxi as per your convenience.

If you are coming from Rishikesh, you can take a taxi or a cab from Rishikesh to Mussoorie as it lies just 75 km ( approx.) away. There are no direct flights or buses or trains between the two. You can take a bus from Rishikesh to Dehradun for approx. 200Rupees and then take another bus from Dehradun to Mussoorie.

The best way to go to Mussoorie is via public transport (bus) as it runs very frequently and is cheap but if you don’t have to worry about it being cheap or costly then you can take a cab without any doubt as it will be way more convenient than a bus.

If you are coming from Jaipur, same applies here. Reach Dehradun directly or firstly take a train or bus to Delhi and from there follow the route as mentioned above.

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 Where to stay-

There are many options for you to stay in Mussoorie, but not so many for a traveller. There are properties from lush resorts to 5 star hotel, fancy hotels to cheap resorts but there are very less places to accommodate a backpacker.  Mussoorie offers stay at some in-budget resorts too which offer luxury services at the cost of a penny (well, not literally) So, let us discuss about places you can stay at under different categories.

  1. Hostels-

    Hostels are the best when it comes to budget travelling or hippie culture. There are comfortable dorms with 4 to 8 beds in a dorm making it easier for you to connect with other travellers. Bunkstel is one such option for a hostel. Surprisingly, it is the only hostel that I can recommend to you as there aren’t many options in this aspect. As, Mussoorie is travelled by couples and families more than solo travellers, you will find cheap hotels easily instead of hostels.

  2. Hotels-

    Coming onto Hotels, there are a lot of options in this category, from cheap ones to the 5 star ones. You can dig into the variety of hotels online and choose according to your preferences. There are hotels for as cheap as 600 INR per room .The best way to choose you hotel can be through the Oyo app. You will get numerous hotels,with view,without view,high end,inexpensive,luxury,with pool and the list goes on. You can surf through it and tick your choice. Few hotels are cheap enough with luxury combined. One such hotel is Ashirwad hotel / resort. It has an alluring property with decent service and don’t even ask about the view from here. It is a good option for anyone, be it a traveller, couple or family. The rooms starts from 1000rs and is cheap enough compared to the amazing property it has.

  3. Luxury resorts-

    Mussoorie is a paradise for luxury lovers, not only in reference to nature but also properties, resorts and hotels. There are almost 25+ luxury resorts in itself that will take your breath away. There are so many high end resorts that offer different types of luxury, some are expanded to 35 acres of labd ,some offers spa and exotic services,some offer a pool on the terrace and the list goes on. So, if you have your pockets full of cash then you might actually enjoy these luxuries with the real luxury that the place is in itself.

Some of these resorts are listed below from where you can choose-

JW Marriott

Fortune resort Grace

The amber Vermont estate

Club Mahindra resort

Royal orchid fort resort

Cloud end resort 

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  • Trekks and hikes.

    George Everest-

    George Everest is situated 6.5 km from Gandhi chowk. The peak offers breathtaking view of the Algar river valley and the snowbound Himalayan ranges on the other hand. The trek is an easy one and can be done by anyone. It is a must visit place if you are a nature lover. The sunset is so alluring and the cloud cladded sky is treat to the eyes.

    You can also hop around Sir Everest’s house and laboratory and may find some instagrammable locations.

    Nag tibba-

    Nag tibba or Serpent’s Peak is one of the most stunning treks of Uttarakhand. It will take you to several trekking ways through jungles and meadows. The rich flora and fauna will capture your heart .It is one of the best options for a quick getaway as it is not very commercialised and offers best of its kind. The trek is of an easy type and is apt for beginners.

Snow adventure zone-

The snow adventure zone in Mussoorie near Dhanaulti is a very good option for adventure lovers. There  are a variety of options available to choose from ,like, zip line, sky bridge, sky walk, zip swing and many more. So, if you are an adventure lover head to this place for some thrilling experience.

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Places near Mussoorie to visit-


It is a two and a half hour drive from Mussoorie to Dhanaulti as it is 59 kms from Mussoorie. It is a less known location but has marvellous views and guess what? This place is idol for camping, so, if you have been craving for putting up in a camp amidst the mountains, this can be your place. The weather of Dhanaulti stays pleasant throughout the year but it is not recommendable to visit it in monsoon season as it gets heavy rainfall at that time. You can visit here in January or February if you want to enjoy snowfall.


Another underrated plavce near Mussoorie is Chakrata which is approximately 118 km from Mussoorie and it takes around 3 and a half hours to reach there from Mussoorie. It is a scenic ride to reach Chakarata so you can enjoy the long drive or ride whatever suits you. The main attraction there is the waterfall- Tiger waterfall. It is a short hike away from Chakrata and you will have to trek 5 kms to reach there. The trek is amusing and will keep you engaged. The area is surrounded by oak trees and rhododendrons.


Well, this is an obvious place to visit if you are heading to Mussoorie because if you want to visit mussoorie .Located 34km away from Mussoorie, Doon city is called the ‘City of love’ and is indeed a beautiful hill station. It has places like shahastradhara waterfall, robber’s cave, Fri, deer park and so many more places that are worth a visit. The weather remains pleasant all the year round in Dehradun but it rains a lot so don’t forget to carry an umbrella or a raincoat with you.


Another well-known location is Rishikesh. Known as ‘the yoga capital of the world’ , Rishikesh is the home to a lot of travel lovers. It is 76.4 kms away from Mussoorie and will take you around 2 hours to reach there. It attracts the most tourists for rafting and yoga. It is a quaint peaceful town surrounded by hills and gifted with river ganga. You can raft in the clear water of Holy Ganga or sit by the side of the river, doing yoga and meditation, go for sightseeing, take a walk on the Lakhman and Ram jhula and you have few trekking options too. It is a highly recommended place for all the nature lovers.


Located at a distance of 87 km ,it takes around 2 and a half hours to reach here from Mussoorie. It is a holy place and is preached in different places. It is of high religious importance to Hindu.So, if you want to sit by the Ganga ghats and listen to the Aarti or see the religious prayer ritual, you shall visit haridwar. It has quit peaceful and spiritual vibe to this place. One thing to keep in mind,this place is considered very pious and divine ,you would not find shops that serve non- veg or alcohol. Please, try maintaining the rituals of this place.

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