Best Travel Guide - Chandrataal Lake Trekking, Spiti Valley – Best Time

Best Travel Guide Chandrataal Lake Trekking, Spiti Valley Best Time

posted 4 months ago

Best Travel Guide - Chandrataal Lake Trekking, Spiti Valley – Best Time

About Chandrataal Lake-

Chandrataal Lake is situated in the altitude of 4200 meters in the Lahaul and Spiti Valley district of Himachal Pradesh. The view of Chandrataal Lake is as beautiful as the roads are dangerous. The primary attraction of a trip to Chandrataal Lake is, of course, its natural beauty.  It is also known as Moon Lake. This is must visit place if you are coming to Explore Spiti Valley. The name "Chandra Taal" (Lake of the Moon) comes from its crescent shape.

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Best Month to Visit Chandrataal Lake?

The best month to visit Chandrataal Lake is in between October to March.

Best Time to Visit Chandrataal Lake?

Best Time to Visit Chandrataal Lake Sunrise or sunset time.

Best time to start Trek Chandrataal Lake?

Best time to start Trek Chandrataal Lake is morning 10 to 11:30 AM and After Lunch 3 pm to 5 pm. Never do night trekking at Chandrataal lake.

Is it safe to Trek to Chandrataal Lake?

Yes, it is safe to trek to Chandrataal Lake. The roads to Chandrataal Lake is little dangerous. So don’t drive there if you are not a perfect driver.

  • Manali to Chandratal Distance: 124 Kilometers

  • Shimla to Chandratal Distance: 530 Kilometers via Reckong Peo, Puh, Kaza, and Batal

  • Keylong to Chandratal Distance: 120 kilometers

  • Gramphoo to Chandratal Distance: 70 kilometers

My Experience of Trekking at Chandrataal Lake-

I went Spiti Valley in the month of October. It’s winter starting there, so I didn’t found snow everywhere. The temperature was in minus at night (-2 to -12 degrees) and plus in the day (2 to 18 degree). Firstly I went Kaza and explore the whole Village of Lahaul and Spiti Valley before trekking at the Chandrataal Lake. I went Kaza, Hikkim, Komic, Key Monastery, Kibber, Chicham Bridge, Losar and many destinations.  After exploring all the beautiful destinations of Spiti valley, I moved to Chandrataal Lake. It’s the most beautiful destination of Lahaul and Spiti valley. The roads are not well or you can say the roads are too bad and dangerous. The road before 16 km from Chandrataal Lake is more dangerous and bad than others. I left district Kaza at 10:00 Am and reach here at the time of 4:30 PM. This is not a long distance journey but its take much time because of roads. I traveled by a Force Traveler bus.

I booked camps for the night after reach near the Chandrataal Lake (Approx 2 km before). I book Swiss Camps with 2 bed and attached washroom. I ate Maggie and drink hot tea for some instant boost energy for do trekking. After a little break of 45 minutes, I move towards Chandrataal Lake. Before 800-900 meters of this lake, there is no way to go there by any kind of vehicles. So we have to do the trek to reach there. I wear 6-7 layers of warm clothes to protect myself from the cooling temperature. I wear trekking shoes and warm socks. I wear hat and gloves also. I cover my face with a sunglasses and bandana. I mount a GoPro Hero 5 on my Chest with a chest mount belt in my kit. There is so cool windy weather there. So I didn’t click any photos there by my DSLR Camera. So I use GoPro Action/sports camera for doing the recording of whole trekking and view. This trek is not so long trek as other treks but because of high altitude, it’s difficult. I faced some problem while doing trekking there like breathing problem, walking problem etc.

After doing trekking of 30-40 minutes, finally, I reached there. It’s an amazing view I see now. It’s the best view ever I seen in my life. It’s like unbelievable to see a lake of water with the color of pure blue as the color of the sky. I enjoyed this view more than 1 hour. It’s 6:30 Pm time right now. And this is the time to sunset. I watch a beautiful sunset here. I see the sun was setting behind the mountains which are covered by snow.

I click more than 100+ photos with this awesome view of the lake. The temperature was falling down as the time passed. All trekkers were going back to their camps. I also moved back from there because of the temperature falling down. At that time, this is so much cold than past some hours. I came back to my tent and took rest.I spent my most of the time in the kitchen of our tents. Because it is only a single place there which is hot at this low temperature.

Really, This is a trip to Heaven...