Best Mobile for Travel & Landscape Photography in India

Best Mobile for Travel & Landscape Photography in India

posted 4 months ago

Best Mobile for Travel & Landscape Photography in India-

You don’t need so expensive DSLR cameras for travel or landscape photography. You can click awesome photos with your phone also. If you searching for Best Mobile for Travel Photography? Then Let’s read this article. I will tell which is the best and why its best in Travel Photography-

I divided this article on 3 Parts as per Budget-

  • Under INR 15000

  • Under INR  35000

  • Under INR  60000

Check as per your budget-

Under Indian Rupees 15000-

mi a1 Best Mobile for Travel & Landscape Photography in India 2018

If you want to buy a mobile under rs 15000 which is best on Mobile Photography, Then I suggest you buy MI A1. It’s cost you around Rs 13000 or maybe less if you find any promotional offer on MI mobiles. The reason why I suggest you this phone is that of its image sharpness. It is a dual camera phone and its blur effects are amazing. After using it for 3 months, I find it best in this price in India. This mobile has pro mode also where you can shoot by changing ISO and Shutter Speed. This mobile is also good if you want to click portrait shots. The front camera of this phone is not so good. So maybe, you have to compromise for selfies. But the back camera of Mi A1 is ultimately good.

Under Indian Rupees 35000-

If you want to but a mobile under Rs 35000, Then I strongly recognize you to but One Plus 5t. It is the best phone in this budget. I am using this phone for last 6 months. The image sharpness of this mobile is amazing. This mobile is also good for travel videos. I used this for my vlogging also. Some of the great features I like about this phone is Portrait and Pro Mode, Timelapse and slow motion, Background Blur in Videos, Fast Charging etc. You can click amazing RAW Landscape Photos from its Pro Mode by changing ISO and Shutter Speed. As a regular traveler, I loved this mobile because of its performance and fast charging. One Plus 5t will fully charge in just 30-40 minutes. I love this feature of dash Charging. This mobile has Image and Video stabilization also which gives you very sharp and anti-shake images and videos.

Under Indian Rupees 60000-

If you are a traveler and want to buy a phone under INR 60000. Then don’t buy apple, Go with Google. Yes, the image quality of google pixel phones is better than apple and Samsung mobiles. Google pixel phones have many latest features in it like fast charging, advanced security patch levels and much more. This phone has image and video stabilization also. I don’t use it for a long time. But I loved this phone. This mobile also gives you the feature of selfie portrait. The back and front, both camera’s images are awesome. Pro Mode in Google Pixel 2 is more advanced than One plus 5t and Mi A1.

These are the reasons, why these phones are best for Travel and Landscape Photography.