Best Luxury Hotel in Varkala, Kerala – Black Beach Resort

Would you want to stay in a beach resort in Varkala? Well In this article, I am telling about a best luxurious resort of Varkala, Kerala. On my long trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (North India to South India), I stayed in a resort named- Black Beach Resort. It is the perfect hotel I ever stayed in Varkala. I loved their hospitality that’s why today I am writing about them-

This hotel is situated in a very good location of North Cliff of Varkala. On a budget pr,ice they provided me a good stay. I like the view from my room in this resort. They have hi-speed Wi-Fi also. I did all my blogging work easily from this good internet connectivity.


Best Luxury Hotel in Varkala, Kerala - Black Beach Resort

The room is nice, the bed is comfortable. The room was Air-Conditioned and have TV and other smart features. The view from the room was amazing. I enjoy a precious sunset from my room.


The washroom is also good with all-time hot and cold water services. I enjoyed my bath under the hot water shower. There are basic grooming products also in the washroom.


Complete hotel is neat and clean. The room is also well.


Best Luxury Hotel in Varkala, Kerala - Black Beach Resort

They have their own restaurant inside the hotel. I ate yummy food there in very good price. They also give me complimentary buffet breakfast on my stay. I liked it that I got free buffet breakfast also in my booking. The restaurant was located in beach side area, so you can enjoy your breakfast in front of the beach.

Parking Space-

There is a good parking space in this hotel. You can park you vehicle here without any tension.

Check in & Check out Time-

The time of check-in in Black Beach Resort is 12 O’clock in the noon and the check out time is also same 12 o’clock in the noon. You can stay 24 hours in your booking.

What I Like About This Hotel-

I like their services and their rooms. I loved the location. They provide a good stay in my less budget.

Best Luxury Hotel in Varkala, Kerala - Black Beach Resort

What I Dislike About This Hotel-

It’s nothing; I can say that I don’t dislike anything about this hotel. It is worth because of their services and comfortable rooms.

Ratings as my Experience-

Room-                         4.9 out of 5

Cleaning-                    5 out of 5

Value for Money-        5 out of 5

Food-                             4.5 out of 5

If anyone of you are planning to visit Varkala in Kerala and searching for a luxurious stay near the beach, I prefer to try your stay at Black Beach Resort.

Happy Travelling 🙂


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