Begnas Lake – Boating – Best Time to Visit – How to Reach?

Whenever you visit Pokhara, Nepal. I strongly prefer you to visit Begnas Lake. You can see a very awesome view of nature from this lake. This is an untouched lake of nature where very less tourist visit.

About Begnas Lake-

Begnas Lake is one of the seven lakes of Lekhnath. It’s also a big lake like Phewa Lake. It’s approx. 25 km far away from Phewa Lake and Pokhara City. This lake is very beautiful. You can see lots of hotels and hostels near Phewa lake but in Begnas Lake, You can find very few hotel but the very good view from them. Boating in Begnas lake is also cheaper than Phewa lake. You can’t do kayaking or rafting in Begnas lake by hiring. You have to carry your own Kayak or rafting boat if you want to kayak or rafting in Begnas Lake. There is a town based on the Begnas Lake called “Begnas Taal”.

How to Reach Begnas Lake from Phewa Lake, Pokhara?

Begnas Lake is approx. 25 km far away from Phewa Lake. You can easily reach here by driving of 45 minutes from Phewa Lake or if you are solo and want to travel by public transport so you can go there by bus also. You can find a bus going to Begnas Lake from Lake Side and Prithvi Chowk in Pokhara. They charge you Nepalese Rs 50 per person from Phewa Lake to Begnas Lake. You can find the bus here within every 15-20 minutes.

Begnas Lake - Boating - Best Time to Visit

Hotels Option near Begnas Lake?

There is not so much hotel near the Begnas Lake as like Phewa lake but you can find the hotel easily. Staying i the hotel near Begnas Lake is much cheaper than hotel in Pokhara. There are many homestays in the town. You can stay in hotels near begnas lake in Nepalese Rs 500-600 where rooms in Pokhara is 3 times of it. If you are a budget traveler or want to stay in less than Rs 500, so you can stay in home stays in Nepalese Rs 300-350 near Begnas Lake or on the way to Rupa taal lake from town. So why stay in Pokhara, come Begnas lake and stay in Budget.

Boating Price at Begnas Lake-

Boating in Begnas Lake is not as expensive as compare to Phewa Lake. If you don’t know how to ride a boat, so you can also hire a guide. You can also go Rupataal Lake from Begnas lake by Boat. The Boating Prices are-

Boating Prices in Begnas Lake

Best Time to Visit begnas Lake-

The best time to visit Begnas Lake is Sunrise and sunset time. You will find a very precious view at this time.

Some Tips before Visit Begnas Lake-

  • Ask about last bus time at bus stand after reaching there because there is not so much option of buses between Begnas Lake and Pokhara at evening and night time.
  • Carry Light bag because you can carry a suitcase while boating and there is not any clock room there.
  • Carry a camera or good camera mobile for clicking pictures. Because after reaching there, I am sure you want to click lots of picture with this precious view.
  • Use Sunscreen Lotion in summers.
  • Always wear a life jacket before going for boating in Begnas Lake.


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