Alpather Lake Trek in Gulmarg Kashmir – Best Time – How to Reach?

Ever Did Trekking in Gulmarg, Kashmir?

Well, Kashmir is famous for its great lakes and awesome landscape view. In this article, I will Show you one lake which is not so famous but give us an Untouched view of nature. This is Alapather Lake in Gulmarg, Kashmir which is also known as the Frozen Lake. Let’s start the beautiful journey of this great lake from the ground side of Gulmarg.

It is not so easy trek, so we need to be prepared properly for this trek. We, 3 trekkers, start our journey from Gulmarg in the early morning.

Our first stop was Seven Spring which is also known as Kangandori. This was not so hard to reach Seven Spring from the ground of Gulmarg. We met lots of tourists on the way who were coming by Horse, ATV, and Walking. It was the easiest part of our trek.

After reaching Seven Spring, The journey starts to our next stop which was Khilanmarg. We took a tea break there. After this short break, we started our journey to the upside.

We walk on a frozen waterfall, walk opposite to a floating waterfall, crossed big stones, walk on slippery snow and did lots of adventurous things.

After the trekking of 8 hours and 7000 feet, We reach Alapather Lake. That moment was really precious for us when we saw this frozen lake first time.

Alpather Lake Trek in Gulmarg Kashmir - Best Time - How to Reach?

After reaching that lake, we pitch our tent. After 5 minutes of pitching the tent, the hailstorm started. That Moment when we heard the sound of the heavy hailstorm in a closed tent. After this hailstorm, we went out and click lots of photos and make short videos near the lake.

Alpather Lake Trek in Gulmarg Kashmir

Really The trek to Alapather Lake is the biggest adventure of my life. We did lots of fun and learn too many things from the situations.

Someone Said that Life is either Daring Adventure or Nothing…

Strongly agree with this quote.

About Alpather Lake-

Alpather Lake Trek in Gulmarg Kashmir - Best Time - How to Reach?

Kashmir is famous for its great lakes. Some lakes are very famous and thousands of tourist visit there but some are unexplored as well. Alpather Lake is one of them. It is also known as “Frozen Lake” because you will find it frozen till June. It is situated at the altitude of 4,511 m (14800 Ft) beyond the Apharwat. You can do the trek to this great lake or you can go there on a Gondola ride (not preferred). You can reach here after 1-hour walk from Gulmarg Gondola Phase 2. You will find very fewer tourists or trekkers here or maybe you will find no one here.  The Alpather Lake region is hence a must visit location while you are in the beautiful town of Gulmarg.

Should We Hire A Guide For This Trek?

Alpather Lake Trek in Gulmarg Kashmir

Yes, because trekking in Kashmir is very different from the other states of India. There is not a particular way for this lake from the seven spring. We need to make our way own. We need to walk on snow, opposite to the floating waterfall and rocky stones. I prefer you to hire a local guide for a safe trekking to Alpather Lake in Gulmarg, Kashmir. I went there with a Kashmiri Guide – Mr. Mir Fayaz. You can contact him also for this trek. He is the very good guide in Gulmarg for trekking and camping – M. +91-9596296714

Tips for Alpather Lake Trek-

Alpather Lake Trek in Gulmarg Kashmir - Best Time - How to Reach?

  • Always Carry a Tent and Sleeping Bag. The weather of Gulmarg changes instantly. So I prefer you to always carry a tent while going to these kinds of unexplored treks.
  • Carry Your Rain Coat.
  • Carry Warm Jacket. Maybe you will find warm in Gulmarg ground area but once you reach upper side, you will find the temperature in minus as well.
  • Carry Sunscreen Lotion, The sunlight in snow is more harmful than ground. So I prefer you to carry a sunscreen lotion of SPF 40+.
  • Never go alone. I always prefer solo traveling but I don’t prefer to go on a trek solo. Always go with a group or experienced Guide.

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Alpather Lake Trek in Gulmarg Kashmir

Don’t like a tourist, Be a traveler. Explore beyond the tourist spots. Visit Alpather Lake in Gulmarg, Kashmir. For Information watch the embedded Video.



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