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Nomadic Jony aka Jony Jindal - go4exploreHello Everyone, I am Jony Jindal aka Nomadic Jony. An Indian guy who has dreamt of traveling the whole of India and the world ever since childhood, and now that dream coming true.

I started this traveling blog- Go4explore.com for sharing my experience and passions to others who wanna traveling, who like nature photography and who like to go outside of their city or country to explore something new.

My journey is starting to explore something new every day and this is my personal blog where I shared my experience, adventure, and some tips from all over the world. Hope you find best travels tips for travel all over the world.

In India, There are lots of places where should you travel once in your life. I describe them with my experience and adventure photos and also give some important tips to do before going there.

About me-

I am Jony Jindal From New Delhi, India, founder of lessthanprice.com. I love Traveling so much. I explore many places since my childhood. Now it’s time to share with you-

My Biggest Dream- Travel the whole world and share the experiences with you on this blog.

Favorite Place- Leh-Ladhak (India), Great Wall of China (China), Dudhsagar fall (India) etc.

Favorite Countries- India, China, Thailand, Hungary, The Philippines, France, Austria etc.

Favorite Animals- Elephant, Panda, Lions, Giraffes, Sea Turtles etc.

Food- Indian Food, Chinese Food, Thai food etc.

Favorite Color- Orange and Green

Passioned About- Traveling, Animals, Photography, Trekking, Learn new from Everywhere, Helping others

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