10 Things To Do in Berlin That Only Locals Know

10 Things To Do in Berlin That Only Locals Know

posted 4 months ago

10 Things To Do in Berlin That Only Locals Know

Whenever it comes to visiting a foreign country or just another city in your own country there are many things that you might not know about. If you are lucky enough to have a close friend or a relative there you will have the time of your life seeing new places, trying new food, living new experiences.

Germany is a country that has a lot to offer and you will live a lifetime experience just by spending your summer vacation here.

Let’s take a short journey through the wonderful places and experiences that you shouldn’t miss in Germany.

10 things to do in Berlin that only locals know


Food in Germany, Berlin especially, is cheap and very good if you know where to search for it. Try having lunch at the Turkish Market every Thursday and Friday on the Maybachufer, the river bank in the Turkish district of Neukölln. There are a lot of spices and scents from all over the world that you can find in Germany and all for the best price. You can also try the döner and the best way to get it is to look for a line and stand in it. Otherwise, you can go to the birthplace of the döner, Hasir in Kreuzberg.

things to do in Berlin that only locals know

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Picnic and zoo visit at the same time

If you don’t want to spend time waiting in a cue for your food or you are just an old school type of person, you can have a picnic in the Berlin’s Tiergarten. The zoo is known for having the most species in the world and it is also a massive park in the middle of the city. You can enjoy a lake view willows, plucky ducks and many other relaxing activities.

things to do in Berlin that only locals

Go for the underground

If you are a history fan then this is the place for you. The underground of Berlin is basically the World War Two storyteller. You can find here a different world where bunkers, fallout shelter from the Cold War, brewery cellars and many other things can be visited with no restriction.

things to do in Berlin

Take a bike

If you don't want to lose your training and your physical form you can rent a bike. It is cheaper than taking the bus and it gives you the freedom of choosing your track and you can also save some time.


Potsdam is a city 30 km away from Berlin with a beautiful landscape. It is not easy to get there by bike but not impossible either. There are several gardens and parks to visit and an interesting architecture formed by palaces and castles that you shouldn’t miss.

Liquidrom SPA

This is a futuristic building that many say it looks as if it was drawn from a science fiction book. The place where it stands now used to be one of the greatest WWII train stations and now you can simply swim through it. The main attraction of this SPA resort is the large saltwater floating pool where music can be heard underwater.

10 things to do in Berlin

Open air party

Living your life on the edge can be reached by going to an open-air party. Most of them free and sometimes hidden, their location is revealed at the last minute so that they will not be shut down. You can have a night party or even an afternoon rave. Open Airs are a thing to find on Facebook and you don’t want to miss them.

Flea market

Berlin is famous for the flea markets organized all over the city. Most of the flea market is organized in interesting places such as a former train station in RAW-Gelände or Mauerpark, the place where every corner has a street musician or even a club that is transformed once a month in a flea market named SO36 Flea Market. All sorts of things are to be found in these places and maybe you will get your parents an original souvenir.

The GDR car

The car became a symbol of the Eastern Germany and Berlin. Its real name is Trabant and you can consider it to be a classic car. Luckily you are able to drive one of these cars if you find it available for rent. If your desire to travel in such a car cannot be satisfied by renting it then you can buy a ticket to a ‘Trabi’ city tour.


In Germany, you will find the largest department Store In Europe called Kaufhaus des Westens (Department Store of the West), or KaDeWe that lies on 60.000 square meters of selling space. Considered to be more a museum than a department store by some people, due to a large number of luxury brand stores, the place is being visited by 50.000 people every day.

10 things to do Berlin

Taking a visit to Germany requires some investigation and well planned small trips if you want to see the best of it. But Germany is a big country with many interesting landscapes, activities, architecture, and leisure. So if you haven't decided yet where you will spend your next summer vacation, then you should definitely consider Germany as your first option.

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